Mosaic Climbing

Mosaic Climbing

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Learn about a new wellness studio in Loveland that wants to help you climb to new heights of fitness and fun.

At a time when people are encouraged to keep their distance, a local wellness studio is helping people reach new heights of fun and fitness in their own unique way.

“Mosaic Climbing is Ohio’s largest premier rock climbing and fitness facility, comprising of over 20,000 square feet of climbing terrain, 55-foot walls, youth climbing, full-service fitness space, yoga studio and group fitness area,” say Nicole Brown and Chris Shotwell, co-founders of Mosaic Climbing. “We also offer communal and co-working spaces for events, parties and meetings.”

The inspiration behind starting Mosaic Climbing was a desire to see a wide range of people be introduced to the fun of rock climbing. “It’s really easy for people to write the sport off as too hard, too scary or too whatever. We’re here to provide a place where you can let yourself experience a real challenge that works wherever you are in your journey,” say Brown and Shotwell. “We’re also passionate about bringing people together in the community and climbing is a great medium to accomplishing that.” 

The name of the business came from a love of agriculture between Brown and her husband. “We also wanted a name that gave nod to the uniting force of climbing. A mosaic is a whole made up of a variety of parts,” she says. “From our community to the routes we put up on the wall to our staff to the space that contain us, everything is individual until it assembles into a pattern or works together as a unit in a way that creates something special. We strive to incite that affinity towards collaboration.”

There are a variety off different services offered through Mosaic Climbing and they include: indoor rock climbing, rentable rock climbing equipment, multiple classes and workshops at theirfacility, hosts workshops around the community, offer fitness products, including weight and cardio equipment, nutrition coaching and consulting, set up and host parties, events, groups, team buildings and classes tailored to an individual case and offers office space for meeting, co-working  and remote work.”

Mosaic means so much to Brown and Shotwell. “Mosaic is an opportunity to share joy with other people. Climbing is a mirror for life; we struggle, fail, learn and eventually overcome,” they say. “Being there for people during the process and the payoff is awesome!”

The business defines success by seeing their clients’ lives be impacted. “Somewhat of an inside joke within our industry, we certainly don’t operate climbing gyms for the money! The time, resource and capital investment is enormous and the monetary payoff is meager and laborious,” Brown and Shotwell say. “The cheesy truth is that we absolutely do it for the people it impacts. We have had customers completely turn their lives around after finding climbing, citing the supportive community aspect as the primary catalyst during the change.”

The future of Mosaic Climbing depends on their community. “The people who engage with Mosaic are ultimately the people who shape it. We work to create the space for that input and that growth,” they say. “Where things go after there is a strong and inclusive community doesn’t have to be only up to us.”

The mission of Mosaic Climbing is to create a positive environment for their clients. “Our mission is to design climbs, develop a space and foster a community that organically inspires people to collaborate on and share in the climbing experience together,” Brown and Shotwell say.

Mosaic Climbing has a unique ability “to listen, adapt and overcome the traditional challenges that climbing communities face because we’ve participated in so many through the years. It isn’t easy trying to nudge things out of the existing track, but we know where we’re trying to go,” they say. “Climbing really doesn’t have to be a sport that feels like it’s only for elite climbers; anyone can do this, you don’t have to be focused only on getting better and we’re here to show you that how it can be fun no matter what reason you have for doing it.”

The business is located at 9501 Union Cemetery Road, just off the intersection of Fields Ertel Road and Montgomery Road. To keep up with what’s going on with Mosaic Climbing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach them through phone at: 513-718-4083 and email at: