Motivation and Momentum

Motivation and Momentum

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It takes motivation to get started and momentum to keep going. Our life coach columnist shares three helpful tips.

Motivation got you there and it’s the momentum that keeps you going.

Remember how making a snowman from a field of snow was so fun. You took a scoop of snow and began to roll it across the ground creating a bigger snowball.  And as it got bigger the momentum got stronger. You wanted that supersized snowball for the base of the snowman. It was the motivation of building the snowman but the size of the snow getting bigger was the momentum that kept you going.

How many times have you found yourself so motivated to do something but quickly fall short because you lost momentum? You get excited when thinking about saving money for a vacation, wanting to get healthy, run a 5K, tackle a cluttered space, and then you hit the wall of overwhelm and stop before you ever get started.  

Consider the cluttered space. If you can see beyond the clutter and what the space looks like cleaned up that make you feel good. That is the motivation to act. And the goal is to have freedom from the clutter.

Then, it happens. Overwhelm creeps in. Here are a few ways to overcome the desire to stop.

• You start but see no progress. Start with what you know can be removed from the space. Either put into another area outside the space or take straight to the trash.
• You start looking in a box that has not been open in years to discover an hour goes by and nothing is accomplished. Any box you have not opened can stay closed for another time. Put it away in another room and plan to revisit AFTER this space is complete. Something to look forward to on a rainy day.
• You want to get it all done in one day.  Set a timer to allow yourself to work for 30 minutes with a 15-minute break. Go with that momentum and soon you will see progress and want to continue.

Take on your next project or goal in the same manner. See the result and possibilities of what comes next once you complete the task/goal at hand and do not stop until you get there.

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