My Massage

My Massage

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Learn about a local massage guru who customizes services and products for each client to get the best results. 

There is a new business in the Old Milford area that is helping people to relax. “My Massage is a comfortable place where you can come and relax your mind and body,” Abby Reckman, Licensed Massage Therapist, says. Reckman has been practicing Massage Therapy for 10 years on and off, but started back up again in February.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion for people. “I have always liked to help people and I have always been interested in the human body and mind. Massage Therapy is a very natural fit for me,” she says. “We live in a very stressful, chaotic, busy, busy, busy, did I mention busy? World. We don’t take as much time as we should to focus on ourselves and recharge our batteries and that’s where I feel I can help people.”

The name of the business came from the way she wants people to feel during their massage. “Every massage I give is unique to the client,” Reckman says. “The massage is for them and focused on their needs, so it’s their massage.”

Currently, she is working on the business by herself. “I have a great community of family and friends who help me with little and big decisions, so I don’t feel like I’m by myself. I like having the freedom to schedule clients more easily,” Reckman says. “If a client is late, or I want to work on a client’s back a bit longer, I don’t have to stop the massage just because the clock says it’s time.”

There are a variety of services offered at My Massage and they include:

• Full Body Relaxation Massage: “This massage works the head, neck, arms, legs, back and light gluteal work. However, I customize the massage to the clients,” she says. “Sometimes that means less leg work and more back work or vice versa.”
• Infused Relaxation Massage: “It is the same as the relaxation massage, but I use a very calming salve,” Reckman says. 
• Prenatal Massage (Starting at the end of April)

My Massage is a unique business because Reckman personalizes the massages for each individual. “I like to do my research and figure out how I can best help you. Each visit may be different as I continue to work with you to help with your specific area of concernment,” she says. “It’s just me, so you will always be coming back to somebody you are familiar with and knows your body.”

This business is important for the community of Old Milford and every  community. “People tend to overlook self-care and put it off as a luxury. However, I believe it is a necessity,” Reckman says. “Self-care is how you put yourself in a position to help others.”

Her favorite part of working at My Massage is the relationship that she builds with her clients. “When someone leaves and tells me later that they felt totally relaxed the rest of the day or finally slept that night, that’s the highlight,” Reckman says. What gets her to come back to work everyday is being a source of relaxation for people and also a source of healing for people. “I really enjoy helping people, knowing my clients are coming to see me to relax their mind and body or ease an ache that has been bothering them for months, or just have an hour where they can think about “nothing” and just focus on their breath, which is so important, brings me back and brings me joy,” Reckman says. 

If you want to keep up with what My Massage is doing, follow the Instagram. “I hope to have a website up and running soon,” she says.