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Newtown Shirt Company

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A local business wants to bring joy into the New Year as they celebrate the Cincinnati community. Keep reading to learn more.

Meredith Finn loves her community and finds joy in celebrating the communities around her. She took that love for her home and shares it with the world through the Newtown Shirt Company.

“Newtown Shirt Company launched in 2018 out of a desire to celebrate and support our great city and local communities,” she says. “We are focused on supporting our community with a great quality product while having a lot of fun. We strongly believe that having fun, looking good, and being comfortable doesn’t have to break the bank.”

And after 2020, Finn wants to help others share a laugh of two with her apparel.

Finn herself is a local Anderson Township resident. She’s lived in Cincinnati for 30 years, after growing up in Columbus, Georgia, and landing a job in the Queen City after graduating from Miami University. 

“I fell in love with Cincinnati because it is such a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family,” she says.

After spending a decade as a stay-at-home mom, she wanted to go back into the workforce. That’s when she and her husband purchased Chica Sport, a sports accessory company that manufactures Chic Bands and Seat Heroes. “While working in our Newtown store, we began to receive a lot of requests for custom, locally-themed t-shirts, thus Newtown Shirt Company was born,” she says. “Word began to spread and my focus became helping schools, businesses, and individuals create some awesome apparel.” 

Finn says that Newtown Shirt Company focuses on the local community.

“We love getting to know our customers in a community that we have been active in for years,” she says. “Word of mouth is how we started and that is the biggest compliment to hear someone say, ‘I called you because my friend told me how great you were to work with on their shirts.’”

Newtown Shirt Company is also unique in that it partners with groups to create a catalog of apparel for a swim club, school, non-profit, business, or neighborhood. Some of these collections include work for the Turpin Hills Swim and Racquet Club, Mt. Carmel Brewery, Main Street Cafe, Summit Country Day, R.O.A.R., 1N5, and the Forest Hills 5k. 

In addition to their catalog collections, Newtown Shirt Company is expanding into tumblers and coffee mugs that highlight Cincinnati, like the 513 Tervis and the Evelyn Henson Cincinnati tumbler and artwork.

With the arrival of a new year, Newtown Shirt Company says that they’re committed to creating joy in 2021. “We want to make people smile, to feel happiness, to laugh a little or a lot,” says Finn. “Newtown shirt Company is launching a new line of sweatshirts and t-shirts at the end of January to start the year off that speaks to this. Our Wag More, Bark Less line is designed to remind you to lead with joy and kindness.”

Finn adds that they are also looking forward to expanding their line of Cincinnati-inspired products other than apparel, which you can stay updated on by subscribing to their newsletter.

To learn more about Newtown Shirt Company, visit You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. You can contact Finn directly by calling 513-871-4300 or by emailing