Online Health Counseling at Karma Wellness Studio

Online Health Counseling at Karma Wellness Studio

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See how a local entrepreneur‘s journey to health - and the pandemic - inspired this new digital health coaching service.

Rebecca Geiger started her business, Karma Wellness Studio, to help people on the road to getting healthier. Recent improvements in her own well-being, coupled with the pandemic, inspired her to launch a new online health counseling service.

“Karma Wellness Studio is a local business offering holistic health services, including Medical Massages, Reiki, Reflexology and Health Coaching,” says Rebecca Geiger, LMT, CPNMT Owner and Health Coach of Karma Wellness Studio. The studio opened nine years ago and is located at: 2067 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230. “We are located in the heart of Mount Washington, two doors down from Creamy Whip,” she explains.

The business was really affected because of the pandemic. “We were closed for almost three months, but continued to serve our clients by offering distance Reiki sessions and creating free self-message videos,” Geiger says. “We did lose two practitioners and are in need of massage therapists to be fully staffed again. We are just grateful to be open and to have most of our clients returning and to be accepting new clients again.”

The pandemic has helped to birth Online Health Counseling. “I want to help people simplify holistic health and well-being, and I want to help them achieve it. But the truth is that I struggled to lose the ‘baby weight.’ I had just given birth to my daughter, Taylor, six weeks earlier, while starting the business and purchasing our first home all at the same time. At that time, I just didn’t feel that I represented health being 60 pounds overweight and felt I couldn’t share my knowledge to help others in that way. So, I just practiced Medical Massage for years, while working on regaining my own health. It may have taken me a while, but I did finally lose the weight and have kept it off,” Geiger says. 

“While taking time off due to the shutdown, I decided to go after that love helping others become truly healthy in a balanced, realistic and sustainable way. So, I decided this was the perfect time to pursue a certification in Health Counseling. I am so excited that I can finally offer these services being confident in my own skin again and having quite a bit more empathy now that I have had to walk through what I am helping others with.”

The Online Health Counseling is a 12-week plan that is customized “to help individuals achieve their health goals, including weight loss. It is a collaborative partnership between me and my client with my client being in the driver’s seat,” she says. “I provide education, accountability, support and guidance that helps to facilitate the behavior changes needed, in order to reach your health goals and live a truly balanced and healthy lifestyle.” 

These counseling sessions take place on the phone or through video chat and last between 30 and 60 minutes. “During these calls, we evaluate your goals, celebrate your wins and collaboratively plan the next step to get you closer to your goals,” Geiger says. Along with the 12-week program, there are ‘Optional monthly extended care programs’ after you finish the initial program. “The program is individual to each person. There is no one size fits all. I cater to your specific needs and create a program-based on that,” Geiger says. “However, all coaching clients receive an initial set up call to establish goals and create a plan, two follow up calls every month to celebrate wins and make changes to plan as needed, weekly email check ins to monitor progress and unlimited messaging for other related purposes.”

The Online Health Counseling at Karma Wellness Studio is unique, Geiger says, because: “1) It is an individualized approach based on a client’s specific needs. 2) It is convenient since it’s online, but it is with a local health and wellness professional. 3) It is guided by a woman who has the knowledge and who has the personal experience to truly help others realize their health potential.” 

Geiger says Karma Wellness Studio is important for the community on many levels. “We take care of the individuals that make up the community. When we help these individuals feel better, live the life they deserve and create true well-being, they carry that with them as they interact with others in the community and in the world,” she says. “It is a powerful and positive domino effect of care, compassion and connection.”

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