Out of Control

Out of Control

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If 2020 has you spiraling, read on as our life coach columnist shares how to move from the feeling of being out of control into a controllable energy space.

People don’t resist change; they resist being changed. And the harder you push against the grain, the harder it pulls you back to a place where you are out of control. 

This year has taught you that when you think you’re in control, you quickly realize you actually have no control. Here is one way you can move from the feeling of being out of control into a controllable energy space.

First, give yourself permission to go within and bring yourself back to you. The one thing you always have control of is YOU! Managing you requires the balance of your body, mind, and spirit—your energy field.

When external circumstances hit you out of the blue and you have no control over them, but you try desperately to gain control because you don’t like how it makes you feel, the quickest way to gain control is to adjust your energy field.  

When you feel like you are spiraling out of control, stop, breath, and think or say CENTER – shifting back into the positive energy field known as the center (or grounding). 

Begin by repeating the mantra “out of any situation only good will come; all is well” over and over until you can feel your body release any tension that has built up. Now don’tget me wrong, sometimes you have to look hard for the good or wait patiently and trust, but the good rise up.  Your intention with this practice is to:

Keep an open MIND for favorable possibilities,

Dropping the negative energy out of the BODY,

and Process from a loving heart of SPIRIT.  

You’ll be amazed how quickly things will begin to turn around when you learn to find your center and shift the energy field in your favor.

This will take some practice. Stay with it.  I discovered on my journey that inner peace is something you work on often. 

And shifting negative energy to positive starts by going within.  

Fill your cup first, as they say. And from there you create more of what you desire and less of what no longer serves you (or maybe doesn’t trigger you as much).

When you are in a situation where it’s no longer possible to manage think CENTER and begin with the mantra to reset your energy field.

Sending you love and light! All is well.