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There’s a lot of hype about hemp lately. Learn about the local business that helps you weed through the process and products — improving formulations industry-wide.

Pharm CBD grows, processes and formulates healthcare hemp products.

High-quality, hemp-made healthcare products. That’s what Pharm CBD is all about. This family-owned business, located in Bedford, Kentucky grows, processes and formulates healthcare hemp products. 

“We will be raising 90 acres of high-CBD hemp varieties this year and extract the oils and critical biochemicals from that material using our supercritical fluid CO2 extraction plant,” Evan Ogburn, Founder and Co-owner of Pharm CBD, says. “Once extracted, we refine and create all-natural, healthcare -improving formulations.”

The business was formed in June 2018 and has been making and selling products since October 2018. They have a total of five partners and several part-time employees. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a desire to develop products that are high-quality and are known around Trimble County, Kentucky. 

“Our experience in this industry presented the need to manufacture products under pharmaceutical-based quality control practices so that the end-user could feel safe taking products that are uniform and contaminant-free,” he says. 

Customer engagement is imperative for the business so they can improve their products and determine dosages for the items moving forward. “We are passionate about participating in clinical trials to determine proper dosing and optimized treatment using our products,” Ogburn says. “The only way that works is if you have consistently manufactured products that meet the highest quality standards.”

The products sold at Pharm CBD are: Wise Landing Tinctures, which are THC free, are available in 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg. “These are sold in 30 mL (1 oz. bottles) and retail for $40, $65 and $100, respectively,” he says. Along with the THC free line, there is a full spectrum tinctures line with 1000, 2000 and 3000mg CBD. They come in 60mL (2 oz.) bottles. These products retail for $75, $125 and $160. There are also topical products, including a 1000mg CBD salve that’s sold in a 2 oz. jar and is sold for $65. Coming in a week  or two is their 1000mg skincare balm that’s going to be sold for $55. “In addition to these products that we currently offer, we have several products in our pipeline, including higher potency tinctures, lip balm, massage oil, lotions and a CBD sports cream,” Ogburn says.

Pharm CBD wants to increase quality of hemp products in the industry. “Through these practices, we will bring economic benefit to the farmers of our region and to our hometown community through establishing cooperative grow networks and building our brand to add additional jobs,” he says. 

The business is unique because of the high quality and operating standards that they set for themselves. “The level of sampling and analysis that we perform on each batch of product and throughout each step of our process (from seed to sale) allows us to control product potency and produce contaminant-free products, consistently and efficiently,” Ogburn says. 

Pharm CBD makes a positive impact in the community and helps Trimble County grow economically. “Our economy is heavily driven by agriculture. With tobacco dying out and the margins in corn and beans being the lowest they have been in years, there’s a drastic need for a new cash crop,” he says. “We have hired several full-time and part-time employees within our first year of business. We will hire several individuals this summer and fall to assist with our grow operations and plan to expand our production, which will bring even more jobs to our community.”

Ogburn loves the opportunity to help people. “Helping people is the ultimate gratification and motivation. Being able to do this everyday is the greatest job I could ever have,” he says. “Knowing that our products are making a difference for people is all the motivation  that is needed.” 

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