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Purpose Pilates

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A local pilates studio says finding your purpose through health isn't a stretch. Keep reading to learn all the details.

You can find your purpose through health. That’s the idea behind Madeira-based Purpose Pilates. 

“Purpose Pilates is a boutique studio offering contemporary Pilates on a variety of equipment: reformers, chairs and springboards,” Alisa Slovenski, Owner and Instructor of Purpose Pilates, says. Slovenski defines purpose as “the innate drive to fulfill a mission. In our case, it’s the overall betterment of our clients’ lives, the creation of a caring community and doing good work for good people,” she says.

Purpose Pilates was inspired by Slovenski’s journey with Breast Cancer, where she was diagnosed in 2017. “Pilates had unknowingly gotten me into shape before my diagnosis and surgery and greatly enabled my rehabilitation and recovery afterward, both physically and emotionally,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to create a space where others could experiece the benefits of such an amazing discipline and I wanted to create a community of giving and learning, where my clients could improve all aspects of their well-being.”

After going through her recovery, Pilates became her purpose. “I began training as an instructor and began thinking of my vision for a studio, where everything we do has purpose,” Slovenskisays. “It was a deliberate choice for a deliberate mission for our studio and eveyrthing we do helps to fulfill that purpose.”

The business was supoosed to open on March 30 of this year, but the state of Ohio was starting to shut down, so they ended up opening on June 1 after Governor Dewine gave OK for gyms and fitness centers to open. “In direct response to the pandemic, we have rearranged equipment and reallocated space in order to maintain social distancing guidelines, enhanced our cleaning and sanitization practices and have developed procedures and plans in case of exposure or positive cases in clients/instructors,” she says. “We also believe in transparency and communication with our clients: in the few instances we have had with the virus, I want our clients to know exactly what steps we take and how we continue to try and mitigate risk for them.”

There are four main services offered through Purpose Pilates and they are:

• Group Equipment Classes (Maximum four people): “During each class, clients will receive a full-body workout using a variety of equipment; we target strength, length, stability and mobility in every session,” Slovenski says. “Group classes are offered six days a week, with both AM/PM options available.” The classes last 55 minutes.
• Private One-On-One Sessions: “Offering the same type of service, with the benefit of one-on-one instruction. These sessions are arranged at the mutual convenience of instructor/client and may occur at any time group classes are not in session,” she says. These sessions last 55 minutes as well.
• Semi-Private Sessions: “This service is for the duet, trio or quad of clients who would prefer to workout together,” Slowenski says. These sessions are 55 minutes too. 
• Seminars: “These events are educational in nature and coincide with our quarterly designated philanthropy. All proceeds from the evening are put toward our selected charity,” she says. “We have hosted events with guest speakers and hands-on events and may cover any number of topics.”

Purpose Pilates defines success through small victories: “the client who becomes more confident, the client who does her first ‘teaser,’ the donation checks we send to our philanthropies, the concern our clients have for one another, the friendships we see develop from attended classes, the joy of building relationships and the good we do in the community,” Slovenski says. 

She would love to see the facility be known as the premier Pilates facility in the Cincinnati area. “I would love to be known for the good work we do, the excellent customer service we provide and the good people that call our studio ‘home,’” Slowenski says. Their mission is built on three pillars: fitness, learning and philanthropy. “Our motto is “Moving body, mind and soul” and we strive to accomplish that mission every single day,” she says. 

According to Slowenski, “We are the only studio that I’m awareof that combines these three pillars in the way that we do. We are first and foremost a Pilates studio, but our educational and philanthropic opportunities make us something more,” she says. “I would like to think that this mission and this uniqueness is what draws people in.” 

In the times we are living in right now, Purpose Pilates is a business that people need in the community, “They have a place where they can feel like they belong, where they can escape the world for an hour or two each week and where they can feel better, physically and mentally, every time they visit,” Slovenskisays “Add on our unique opportunities to give back to the community and it makes our studio a very positive place to be.”

If you want to know more about what’s going on with Purpose Pilates, follow them on FacebookInstagram or the website. If you want to check out the facility in person, you can check them out at: “6904 Miami Avenue, in the heart of Downtown Madeira, across from Walgreens in the Hampton Squarecomplex of buildings,” Slovenski says.