Quarantine-Inspired Innovation

Quarantine-Inspired Innovation

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Our life coach columnist shares how this new way of life can inspire new ways of thinking and how to use the quieter days to listen to your inner voice.

During this time of the pandemic it is evident that many businesses are struggling and may not reopen when the all clear sign is given. And yet there are many businesses that are doing well and soaring to new heights with their business though online services. I’m curious what new businesses are being created behind the scenes that will immerge out of this time of uncertainty. 

You may be thinking how in the world could a new business be formed during this time? 

History has shown it happens often. Downtime like this offers the expansion of the mind to find solutions to an existing problem or concern, and a product or service is developed.  

For instance, look at all the mask that have been made by individuals who have the skill set to sew and stepped up to use their talents to support the cause. This may ignite an idea that would have never considered until now.

As for the brick and mortar businesses, through this experience are going online discovering a new way of doing business and can stay open through e-commerce, social media or virtual meeting rooms. For many, this is already changing some business plans and offering important insight to business owners.

Perhaps you have found yourself wondering what’s next for you in business and life. Will you continue to do what you did previously (or are still doing) or has this worldwide pandemic opened your mind and thoughts around doing something else?

When I turned 30, I took a leap of faith and returned to college to earn my teaching degree while working full-time, managing our home and finances, along with raising our two sons then age 6 and 8. That decision has forever changed the projection of my life and all my life experiences since.

What do you desire? And who do you want to be beyond the COVID-19 crisis?

Take time now and daydream a bit about what you see yourself wanting. Research the career or business you’d like to pursue and what actions you can take now so you hit the ground running when the quarantine is lifted.

If you believe you don’t have a choice to make a change, I challenge you and say yes you do.

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Sending you love and light,