Reflexology Home Remedies Workshop

Reflexology Home Remedies Workshop

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Local experts are hosting a quarterly workshop that teaches you how to naturally alleviate a variety of ailments for you and your loved ones.

Vivacity Healing hosts reflexology workshops, teaching attendees natural, at-home solutions.

A workshop in the Cincinnati area helps attendees treat common ailments with a natural, “at home” approach.

“The reflexology ‘home remedies’ workshop teaches techniques for treating common ailments at home, using reflexology,” says Andrea Antczak, Owner and Reflexologist at Vivacity Healing. “We will also touch on acupressure techniques and dietary changes that may help as well.”

The Reflexology Home Remedies Workshop takes place in the Vivacity Healing room, located inside the Good Therapy office building at 11438 Lebanon Road, Unit H, Sharonville, Ohio 45241. The next workshop is happening on October 22 at 6:30PM for 60 minutes. This is a reoccurring workshop that happens quarterly. “For specific dates, periodically check out our Facebook page, visit our website or join our mailing list,” she says. “Dates will be listed at least a month in advance.”

The inspiration behind starting the workshops came from Antczak’s work as a reflexologist and working with clients. 

“I’m constantly giving my clients suggestions on reflexology techniques they can do at home to help themselves or their loved ones. I do so much educating during my sessions that I decided to start doing this workshop so that I decided to start doing this workshop so I can reach more people and cover more information. I want to help people to understand, not only the technique that can help, but how and why reflexology really works,” she says. “Reflexology is useful for alleviating, symptoms of so many ailments and is a fantastic adjunct to many other healing therapies. Regular reflexology sessions are best for long-term healing and overall better health, but the home remedies workshop will help people to learn healthier ways of relieving symptoms for common problems.”

The different home remedies that are going to be discussed are: neck pain, headaches/migraines, back pain, sinus congestion, cough and cold symptoms, digestive issues, hiccups, stress, insomnia, concentration problems, etc. The home remedies workshop defines success by the people who come to the workshop. 

“I define success by knowing that each attendee has learned something valuable,” Antczak says. “I hope that they will pass it on.” The mission of the workshop is “to give people tangible techniques for alleviating symptoms of common ailments without the use of harmful, toxic or unnatural substances or procedures.”

The workshop is so important for the community of Cincinnati. “I want to support the community’s growing interest in holistic and alternative wellness by educating in a non-intimidating environment,” Antczak says. “I use methods that almost anyone can use regardless of age and health history.”

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