Resolution Check in

Resolution Check in

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If your resolution is already on the struggle bus, our life coach columnist offers four tips to get back on the road to success.

Time to check in as you enter week two of the new year. Are you sticking to your resolution and goals with confidence and clarity to boldly move into the next level for business and life?

The struggle is real. 

The moment when you are crushing your goals, feeling the high energy and excitement for the outcome when out of the blue you hit a low, lose motivation and focus, and the progress slows down or comes to a halt.  

What can you do at that moment?

Give up seems like the convenient choice but you really want this year’s goals and resolution to stick!

Let’s get you set up with a plan to allow you to quickly get back to focus and release that feeling of throwing in the towel. Here are four tips for staying in alignment with your resolutions/goals:

1. Setting goals and getting results is about a series of choices. You have a choice in every moment. Even if you make a choice you can adjust or change it. Think of choices in a way that you are interrupting the old patterns and a new choice creates a new pattern.
2. If you are telling yourself, you can’t stick to the plan because it’s harder than you thought realize that those thoughts keeping it hard. To let go of that belief, use a mantra “I can do hard things” and identify the next logical step.
3. You feel like giving up but know you don’t want to fail.  When this feeling arises, focusing on your why and use the mantra “My desire is stronger than my excuses.”
4. Strengthening your why by tapping back into the day/moment when you set the goal and identify all those reasons you set it to begin with. A mantra that will also help is “things are always working out for me.”

For added support seek out someone who can be your accountability partner. Checking in daily keeps your goals/resolution top of mind. With accountability, you can also identify quickly any adjustments needing to be made or celebrating your successes.

You’ve got this! 

Here’s to creating the life you deserve,