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Run Strong Cincy

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Check out Cincinnati’s unique training program that encompasses running, strength and community.

For Sarah Buckley, running isn’t just mileage, it is about strength training and training alongside a supportive community. Buckley has been a runner for many years, both competitively and recreationally. She has a strong passion for helping the running community in Cincinnati achieve both their fitness and health goals. 

For the past five years, Buckley has been working with both runners and walkers in the Cincinnati area with her Run Strong Cincy program. “Strength training and long-distance running are not always connected, and I wanted to change that perspective. I created the class to make strength accessible to a group that might not naturally navigate lifting weights and hitting the gym. It is specifically designed to help decrease the risk of injury for runners and walkers and keep them on the road, doing what they love. Strength protects the joints, ligaments and tendons and bones and improves gait cycle and cadence.” says Buckley.

Strength training itself has a variety of different methods and for Sarah, training is not a class, it is a program. The workouts are done in a class environment, but clients receive an individualized plan that allows them to track their progression and personal goals. The race schedule in this region is provided and followed during the duration of the program. Clients will be trained on increasing intensity or taking it easy, depending on the season. This is just a small part in the whole training plan that encompasses Run Strong Cincy. 

“This is a hybrid, full body strength training class for any fitness level. For a typical class, we start with the warm up and utilize movement priming, such as foot dexterity and power exercises. The participants will not only perform compound lifts, such as squats and deadlifts, but learn how to find the correct variation for their body. Band exercises are also included to promote connective tissues and joint health. The class is wrapped up with leg endurance and cardio as a challenge to tired bodies,” says Buckley.

The class entails around 8-9 workouts a month, depending on how the days fall, no matter what. The classes are 45 minutes long and each class is around 8-10 participants. Sarah says she allots to a smaller class size, so she can have eyes on everything and program to the individuals. Even though it is a smaller class size, the community and love that is poured into Run Strong Cincy is large. Every Run Strong Cincy participant does a Signature Running Assessment for $100. The holistic approach Buckley has at Persist Fitness is very unique, seeing as she wants to train the whole person. “Anyone that is interested meets with me individually so I can get to know them, dicusshealth history and hear about their goals – this gives me a great starting point so they can get the most out of the class,” says Buckley.

Not only are you acknowledged by Buckley at Run Strong Cincy, but the community behind the program as well.

“Runners love a community atmosphere and that is exactly what we have created with Run Strong Cincy. Many of the participants are running partners but have been in class together for years! Everyone is welcoming, supportive and helpful to anyone and everyone in the program. One of my clients said this about her experience, ‘Working with Sarah has been an awesome experience. She has been dedicated to helping me drive results. My running has improved significantly in both pace and technique. I’m injury free, strong and confident about achieving my running goals.’”

Classes are held at PT Plus, a boutique personal training gym located at 5210 Wooster Road Cincinnati, OH 45206. The cost of the program is $115/month.

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