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Fashion isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Click here to read more about a brand that welcomes you as you are. 

Savvi Lifestyle Co is an athleisure brand with Brand Partners and new launches every week.

If you’re like many other busy women, the idea of transitional pieces making up your wardrobe is a dream come true. Whether you’re going from the office to date night, Savvi is a lifestyle brand that wants to help you get there without the need to change your clothes.

“Savvi is a lifestyle brand. Our focus is fashion,” explains Savvi Brand Partner Danielle Reinhart. “We currently focus on athleisure wear with transitional pieces that are designed with the intention of being able to take you from working out, to the grocery store, to meeting a friend for coffee or drinks, or even date night.”

The founders of Savvi are Ken Porter and Jenn Ashby. They were inspired to launch a brand that brings people together. 

“Our logo represents a community moving forward together,” says Reinhart. “And Savvi means to know or to understand, but we spell it with an ‘i,’ so it’s I know, I understand. We want people to come as they are and know that they’ll be embraced for that. Our mission is to empower you to feel good about yourself and inspire you to get moving and accomplish the dreams that only you know and understand for you. Yes, we are a clothing brand, but it’s so much more than that.”

Reinhart says she decided to get involved with Savvi initially because she thought they had a great business model.

“I didn’t think I had the time to start a business, but the simplicity of being able to monetize what we as women already do on the daily – wear cute clothes and tell people where you got them – was too good to pass up,” she says. “And when I heard that the plan was to launch brand new, fun and on trend pieces each week on our Fashion Friday fashions shows, I knew this was a brilliant way to keep things fresh and people interested in the brand.” 

There are many popular pieces currently available from Savvi, but Reinhart says she’s loving the Amy Sherpa. Other popular pieces include leggings, key for a mom-on-the-go, the Geos, the Indies, and Opals, and the Ashtanga.  

“I could go on and on,” says Reinhart. “This clothing makes you feel amazing, so there are many favorites.” 

As Battaglia continues her growth as a brand partner at Savvi, she’s looking forward to seeing what company can do while keeping a laser focus on serving its customers.  

“We are also working on being as sustainable as possible,” she says. “Currently our fabrics are sustainably sourced and we are very intentional about who we partner with on manufacturing. It’s important to me that we know that the people who made your clothing are being paid well and have good working conditions, but we are also working on reducing the carbon footprint and are developing some organic and green fabrics, and are working on being able to offer that type of clothing.”  

To learn more about Savvi or to shop, click here. You can learn more about Reinhart on her new Facebook page