Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck 

Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck 

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Learn about a mobile business that wants to help spread joy and love in the Covington and Greater Cincinnati area.

There is a flower business in the Greater Cincinnati area that wants to bring joy to people in the area. “We’re a mobile flower pop-up truck focused on sales in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area,” Kara Acri, owner of Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck, says. “We’re based in Covington, Kentucky, and Scarlet is a Brigade Blue 1959 Chevy Apache 3100 – still in mostly original condition!”  

Scarlet Begonia is also Acri. “She’s sort of become my alter ego and I now answer to Scarlet when people ask.” 

The flower truck has regular pop-ups that are located in and around the Covington area. They work with other businesses in the area, including Cedar Restaurant, Crafts & Vines, Bean Haus, Dari-Crest, Lil’s Bagels, Parlor on Seventh, Braxton Brewing Company, The Roost Latonia and other local establishments. “We keep our website updated with our pop-up dates and locations at We also post frequently on our social channels on Instagram, Facebookand Twitter,” Acri says. “We also deliver on Fridays (and Saturdays when we’re not popping up) within a 30-minute radius of Covington, Kentucky, where we’re based.” 

Covington is a community that Acri, and the truck, calls home. “We love our Seminary Square neighborhood and this community,” she says. “We know our neighbors personally, as well as so many of the local business owners because they’re small business, too, just like us.” 

The businesses started February 1, 2020. “We received our local operations permits two days before the pandemic hit last March,” she says. Acri is running the truck solo, but, she says, “We have lots of helping hands and regular support from our amazing family and friends.” 

The inspiration behind starting the flower truck came from her love of a band. “We’re big fans of the Grateful Dead and followed them on tour many times way, way back in the day. The inspiration comes from Shakedown Street, which is part of the carnival/market-like atmosphere found in the parking lots at every show,” Acri says. “Scarlet herself and all of our bouquets are named after Dead Songs.” 

The flower truck offers different “groovy bouquets” that you can see on their website, including Milk Cow Blues, Tennessee Ted, Sugar Magnolia, Ramble On Rose and Masterpiece. 

“We can also do custom work, including arrangements for special occasions, small weddings, etc.,” Acri says. 

Why flowers? “I’ve always loved giving and receiving flowers. And I’ve always loved buying random flowers and creating my own arrangements,” she says. “The added bonus is helping others spread joy. It feels really good to make others smile with our beautiful creations.” 

Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck is unique because of the truck and the theme of the vehicle. “We’re certainly biased, but we happen to think Scarlet is the most beautiful flower truck out there. She’s a rare truck, for starters, especially for her year, make, and model. And she’s in mostly original condition,” Acri says. “I’m her fourth owner and she was in the same family as a farm truck for more than 50 years. When you add in the whimsically fun element of the Grateful Dead inspiration, it makes for a truly groovy experience. And our bouquets are way different than what you’d find from a typical florist.” 

Acri’s favorite part of the job is meeting and getting to know her “Scarlet Groupies,” who are her customers. “Closely followed by all the beautiful flowers I get to smell, touch, and work with every week,” she says. “You just can’t be unhappy when you’re surrounded by gorgeous blooms every week.” The flower truck’s mission is to “Share joy. Share love,” Acri says.  

If you want to keep up with what Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck is doing, follow the business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website