Seeking the Answers

Seeking the Answers

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Looking for some direction in life? Melissa explains the three key times during the day to get answers.

Don’t you hate making important decisions? Do you find you struggle especially when you are trying to decide on something that could be a benefit to you, or a detriment to your life, and still not know what is the right answer? 

Even the smallest decisions come with wring your hands and asking everyone for advice, to still be uncertain to your decision.

Here is one way to overcome the overwhelm of making a decision and trust your answer.

Anytime you have a major decision to make seek the answer from within. This is where you’ll find your inner compass that will offer you truth around any decision. 

How does it work?

I had a coach one time who always said “get on your butt and listen” but that just seem to be so difficult because I couldn’t stay seated long enough to listen. 

What I discovered was I did have three important times during my day that I could get the answers needed for making decisions. Those times includes:

• Windshield time
• Shower/Bath time
• Right before you fall asleep or when you awake

During these times if you open yourself up to “receive the answers” you can simply ask “what do I need to know” and then wait.  If nothing – ask the question again. Continue until you hear the inner compass truth.  

Who knows what you might hear?  It could include “go a different route to the office”, or “be sure and call Aunt Sally”, and maybe “you’re awesome.”

If you trust and keep working the process, soon the answers will be more precise and specific to your needs especially as you deepen your awareness and ability to ask the question then listen without judgment. 

Over time as you build this practice you will being to trust that your truth comes from within and make better decisions.  Learning to use this “superpower” can eliminate a lot of the uncertainty and downtime that comes with making decisions.

Give it a try.  You may hear silly messages coming through at first but embrace them and by all means ACT upon them.  Don’t discard them as nothing – let them lead you to the next answer. And have fun.  The high vibration of fun will activate the inner compass much quickly and finding the answer will come much faster.