Small Group Travel Tips

Small Group Travel Tips

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Wanderlust boiling over? Our travel columnist has 11 helpful tips for taking advantage of recent discounts and planning your next trip for when it’s safe again.

Sometimes you see travel photos of people going to exotic places, off the beaten path, really getting to experience the culture and activities of the area they are visiting, going beyond the tourist highlights. To me, this is what travel is all about! Of course, it is amazing to see famous landmarks with your own eyes and learn all about what makes them so iconic. Immersion and experience are super important, too. This is where you lose yourself for a while and gain a new understanding of our world. What if you had a local expert guide to show you around? This way you could experience things off the beaten path, but not completely on your own. 

This is how small group travel works. 

When many people think of group travel, they think of a coach bus driving for days. They think of 50-100 of your “closest friends” in tight quarters and shuffling from place to place. However, I’m here to tell you that does not have to define group travel experience!

Here are some great reasons a small group may be the perfect fit for your next adventure!

1. It is easy to travel solo, but not alone. Small groups are great for those wishing to get out there and explore the world, but do not have anyone they know willing or able to join them. There are opportunities to get out and explore safely by yourself and meet fellow adventurers along the way.
2. You can also turn it into a private group. Do you have an interest group or just an adventurous group of friends? You can make the tour your own with your personal guide to make your adventure the absolute best!
3. Small group travel gives you the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. You may have people in your group from the United States, but chances are, you could very well have travelers in your group that live in many places throughout the world. Even if everyone is from the same area, you still get the chance to make connections in the destination you are visiting.
4. You get to see what you came to see. You know ahead of time what is on the agenda. You know that everything is arranged, so there is nothing sold out once you arrive. If there is something in the area not on the schedule, there may be an optional add-on. 
5. The experience is not like what you’d have on your own. You are with an expert local guide. They know the land, the culture, and the people. With them, you get the inside scoop. Even during your down time, they can give you amazing recommendations for things such as amazing local eateries, the best view of the city, or hidden gems only a local would know.
6. The accommodations and activity levels vary. There are many ways to do adventure travel. For some, this means camping, hiking, extreme sports, etc. There are groups for that. One amazing group is a hiking and camping tour that goes to Machu Picchu. For others, adventure travel means staying somewhere nice, but really immersing in the culture and experiencing things outside the normal tourist areas. There are groups for that, too. Of course there is a lot in between. With activity levels ranging from light walking to hiking mountains and accommodations ranging from camping to 5-star hotels, there are groups to fit your style.
7. You can experience small groups by land or by sea all around the world. With this kind of travel, you have the opportunity to experience all 7 continents. This includes immersive tours of Italy, sailing to the Galapagos Islands, getting to step foot in Antarctica, or even road trip to highlight the United States in a new light. There is very little out of reach once get started!
8. Festivals and celebrations get new meaning. How would you like to spend Halloween dancing the night away in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania? Or maybe you’d like to experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or take an iconic trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? You can experience these holidays in unique ways!
9. Giving back to the local communities. When you travel with a few of my favorite travel suppliers, a lot of the money you spend stays in the local community. Between the lodging and local experiences, this money goes to help the communities you visit and support the families there instead of going to a corporate office far away. In this way, you are able to truly able to give to the areas you visit.
10. Small groups often cap out at 15-18 people. With this size, you are able to get into places that would not necessarily be accessible to larger groups. Also, there are many tours that go regardless of number of travelers. This means if you are going alone and you are the only one signed up, the tour still goes and you have a private guide! 
11. You will come back with a lot of amazing memories, a new sense of self, and probably a few new friends.

What are you waiting for? Your adventure is out there! If you have ever thought about trying small group travel or if this article has you considering taking your next adventure, please reach out. I would love to help you find your perfect group experience…once it is safe to travel again, of course! You can even plan ahead for the next year or two and get some great rates!

Sarah Baker
Sarah Baker is the owner of Something Adventured Travel, a full service travel agency. She has lived in the Cincinnati area all of her life, except for the time she, her husband, and children sold everything to explore the world with extensive stays in Costa Rica and Europe. Upon return to the area, she opened her business to share her passion for all things travel. Sarah believes that travel is one of the best things one can do for their own wellness, relieving stress, creating memories, and expanding their own universe. Helping others plan and explore the world, she looks to ignite others to discover new things about places, people, cultures, and themselves. You can contact her to start your next adventure at or visit her online at Follow me links: Facebook: Instagram: