Spend Local

Spend Local

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There are several ways you can still support small businesses amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here to read more about some of the ways you can help.

Cincinnati, and the world, is facing a new normal. One that means refraining from dining in at our favorite restaurants, sending our kids to school, or socializing due to the fear of getting sick. 

This individual fear is also felt in the small business community – a community that relies on you to provide their services, make their unique goods and employee their staff. Yesterday, a mandate was issued to close all Ohio bars and restaurants. While dining in isn’t an option at the moment, you can still order carry-out and delivery, and show some local love to area businesses who need it now more than ever. 

Here are a few fab resources to help you continue to pour into the small business community until they can open their doors again:

Hey Michelle is a blog that highlights local restaurants who are still doing carry-out and delivery orders. 

Kathrine Nero shares several tips and tricks for getting through this crazy time. From online fitness, home-based learning, fun ideas for supporting local, and more.

We just launched an initiative called #spendwithcincinnati that encourages you to shop local and highlights businesses you can still visit and shop online with, and ultimately help with the worries that these small business owners may be facing. Visit the Spend with Cincinnati Facebook or Instagram page. If you have a local business you love, or news to share about how the community can support a small business in Greater Cincinnati, include #spendwithcincinnati and 

Local blogger Linsey Kraeling is using her blog and Instagram page to currently talk about how you can still support small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out the “COVID” tab for archived stories and coverage.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to support local,” Kraeling says in an Instagram post. “Small businesses help to build a better local economy, reduce environmental impact, put your taxes to good use, create jobs, give excellent customer service, keep the community unique, and encourage local prosperity.”

You can also see highlights of locally owned, small businesses on the Cincy Chic Facebook page.