Stumbling Block or Stepping Stones – You Decide

Stumbling Block or Stepping Stones – You Decide

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Too many stumbling blocks thrown on your path? Our life coach columnist explains how to turn them into stepping stones instead.

Life sure can come with uncertainty. All the out-of-the-blue stumbling blocks that knock you flat are super challenging. Have you experienced stumbling blocks in your life?  They come in many situations including loss of a job, ending a relationship, or even poor health and money issues — nothing is off limits.  

Yet what happens when the stumbling block seems too big to manage? It’s torn down all your confidence and has emotionally taken you down to your knees, and it seems like there is no way out?  

If you recall as a child learning to walk you did stumble and fall flat AND you kept getting up and trying again, being encouraged and supported by others. As an adult, you don’t always have that support and encouragement. You navigate the stumbling blocks the best you can with what you know to do.

The key to overcoming stumbling blocks is to change your perspective and looking at the situation as a stepping stone where opportunities that you may never have known existed become evident.

By referring to the blocks as stepping stone, knowing it’s a temporary setback moment, ask yourself how you can step over or around in order to get to the next place of new opportunity. Perspective of going over and around a block may look something like this:

– Health report isn’t good, you don’t have to give up. You can seek answers and solutions.
– Financial circumstances seem bleak you don’t throw your hands up and quit. You find ways to save and make extra money.
– Lost connecting in a relationship, someone else will show up who loves you even more.

The way you manage the stumbling blocks is all based on the decision you make in the moment.  

Simply ask: “How does this support me in moving ahead?” and start doing what you can to get past the block knowing it is there as a steppingstone, moving you into something better.

Oh, and by the way, in those moments of the abrupt ending to a job, relationship, or opportunity –remember it can be the Universe’s way of pushing you out of your current circumstances so it can bring you to something better and greater then you ever imagined. Trust in the process!