Summerfair Cincinnati’s Holiday Virtual Event

Summerfair Cincinnati’s Holiday Virtual Event

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A cancelled summertime event made way for a holiday virtual event to support Cincinnati artists. Click here for more.


Bag by Jessica Joy of Bellefontaine, Ohio


Things are different this year but that doesn’t mean everything is cancelled. Local organizations and businesses are adapting to changing times and Summerfair Cincinnati is no exception.

This year, Summerfair Cincinnati is hosting its Holiday Virtual Event to connect with some of the artists who would have been in Summerfair 2020 with art lovers in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

“Artists have lost the ability to sell their creations at the many art shows around the country,” says Summerfair Cincinnati’s Managing Director Jayne Utter. “We wanted to give them an outlet to sell their work to the patrons who come to Summerfair each year to buy real art, add to their collections, or to fill their gift lists. It’s a win-win!”

Summerfair Cincinnati has taken up the task of offering this opportunity to all the artists who would have ventured to Cincinnati over the summer. 

Put together for a very small administration fee, Summerfair Cincinnati wants to showcase their love for the artists who join them every year and help their businesses survive and come back to the main showcase June 4-6, 2021. “We will take no commissions,” adds Utter. 

Traditionally, Summerfair Cincinnati is always held the weekend after Memorial Day. “We did support the art event Blink in its first year, with a fall fair,” says Utter. “We have never offered a virtual event, so like many things this year, it’s been a learning experience.” 

The event opened on Thanksgiving Day and will last through December. During this virtual event attendees will have the opportunity to explore each of the artists and their one-of-a-kind work. Utter adds that this is not the time to let something you fall in love with slip away, as many of these items are not available in multiples. 

You can visit the Holiday Virtual Event by going to There you are taken to the event page and can visit each artist’s square (there are 45 total). The artists are grouped in categories that highlight a piece of their artwork and their name. Utter says you can click on the square to open a new window. 

“There you will see more images of the artists’ work plus how to navigate to their sales platform,” explains Utter. “Purchase from them before moving on or make a list, leave the page open, and explore more options. The main page will stay open making it easy to go back and explore more artwork.”

You can learn more about the event at The website will also offer more information on how Summerfair Cincinnati gives back to the art community here in Greater Cincinnati, volunteer opportunities, and the organization’s history. 

“We also have a store where you can find our posters and other merchandise,” adds Utter. “Sales from these items helps us support our mission. As a nonprofit we are dedicated to supporting local arts and artists through scholarships, awards, and exhibitions.”