Take Care of You First

Take Care of You First

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Our life coach columnist talks about self care this week and explains how to keep yourself at the top of the list without bending your budget or schedule.

In everything you’ve accomplished today, did you take care of you? What if you knew that taking time for yourself would change your life in a way you couldn’t even imagine? Would you strive to do more things for yourself?

As a hardworking businesswoman, mother, wife, and daughter, I know firsthand the balance of taking care of me. Having raised my sons, I still have my heart extended into their lives hoping all is well. As a wife I am committed to always finding ways to keep the relationship new and exciting. As a daughter, I find myself being the caretaker as my mother as she’s aging and needing more of my time. Then, add in business entrepreneur where my energy and time are often unbalanced due to all the needs and desires it takes to build my empire and stay connected and grounded in my life. 

Your body, mind and spirit need to be priority. I know this firsthand from allowing everything else to take priority over my wellbeing. At the end of the day when your head hits the pillow, do you find yourself reflecting on the day to realize you haven’t done a single thing for yourself that day. Or if anything, the bare minimum which is usually personal hygiene and nourishment, and often the personal hygiene may even get skipped.

What steps can you take to ensure that self care is a priority?

Making a list! 

Writing down on a note card or poster board all the things that light YOU up is a proven way to really get yourself aligned for purpose and action. These are things you do at home and don’t require spending money. For instance:

Take a walk, do yoga, stretch, bubble bath, at home mani-pedi, moisturizing your body, facial, read, write, create art, dance to music, etc.

This list is yours and is what will lift your energy and spirit with self care. Each evening, consider doing just one item on the list. And each day there after consider adding one or two more. Build the activities over time for your “me” time knowing that you’ve been taken care of first. From this place you will learn to manage your time, do things you love, and take care of everything else with flow and ease. 

It begins with you claiming your time for you and take action! You’re worth it.