Taste On Elm

Taste On Elm

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Read on to learn about a soon-to-open market providing unique selections of food and drinks to Northern Kentucky and beyond. 

Ludlow, Kentucky, is about to get a tasty new neighbor.


Taste on Elm is “an approachable community market providing a unique mix of local, regional and international products,” says Lauren Hodge, Owner and Operator of Taste on Elm. The business will be located in the Ludlow, Kentucky business district on Elm Street and will be opening in December of 2019


The inspiration behind starting the business came from a love for food, wine and retail. “I love putting something into a person’s hand that I enjoy, believe in and what to share,” Hodge explains.


The name, Taste on Elm, came from wanting people to not be intimidated by food and wine. “Food and wine are not complicated,” Hodge says. “We want our guests to be able to taste unfamiliar products before they make the commitment to buy, thus taking the uncertainty out of the equation.”


Taste on Elm will provide an assortment food and wine. “We will carry an assortment of charcuterie, cheese, wine, bread, pasta, olive oil, dry goods and sundries. You will also be able to have a cheese and charcuterie board while enjoying a glass of wine at the market,” Hodge says. “Customers can also order cheese and charcuterie boards for entertaining at home. We will be tapping into the local vendors/producers as much as possibleRegular wine tasting will be offered in order for our guests to try something new before they purchase.”


Taste on Elm’s mission is to be known in the community for their “specialty products, friendly and knowledgeable staff and an approachable shopping experience. We will be curators of specialty food products, such as wine, cheese, charcuterie, pasts, oils, etc.,” she says. “We will get to know our customers, recommend pairings and most importantly, put food in people’s mouths. In the end, it’s all about taste.”


Hodge says the vision for Taste on Elm is for it to always evolve as they pay attention to what their customers want and need. “We see ourselves as a destination and an integral part of the Ludlow, Kentucky revitalization,” she says. 


This new business is important for the Ludlow community. “It is critical that each new business serves the community while laying the groundwork for Ludlow as a destination,” Hodge says. “We believe we are an important part of that mix.”


The business is committed to great customer service to their customers and listening to their needs. “It is the number one thing I believe is missing in retail today. Also, really getting to know your customers as people,” she says. “Understanding their likes and dislikes and being able to offer them products and services you know will make their experience better. We taste 100 mediocre cheeses so you can enjoy a few great ones.”


The product variety at Taste on Elm will be different than other stores. “Sourcing unique and interesting products frolocal to international to provide a well-rounded shopping experience,” Hodge says. 


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