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After this year, it might feel difficult to feel thankful this season. Our life coach columnist offers tips to find joy and gratitude through the cloud of chaos.

Do you find yourself in a place of uncertainty especially now in 2020? Are you seeking peace, a way to let go of the chaos and frustration, and be able to find your joy? You’re not alone. 

We are all struggling to understand what’s next, feeling a bit ofemptiness inside, knowing things are different. With all the events of the world it becomes a challenge to focus on gratefulness when your mind is racing to understand and process all of the world events and evolution. 

Let me offer you the opportunity to find your way back to center using the tools for Growing Through Gratitude. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what better time to learn a new way to practice thankfulness.

The process of Growing Through Gratitude begins with a deeper connection for what you are thankful for. 

“I am thankful for electricity.” Going deeper is the AND “I am grateful for the person who had the idea, the technology to support the invention, the ability to have it available everywhere, the multiple uses, etc.” Use a journal to being this practice to explore and tap into how you feel grateful beyond the person, place or thing by writing out all the “whys.”

Then start an evidence journal. This is where you can track your growth in gratitude. Be the good finder I like to say.  Perhaps you see repeated numbers, find money on the ground, or out of the blue opportunities begin to show up. This is part of the “evidence” that you are conspiring on behave of the cosmic kitchen to receive that which you desire for your life. Write these in a notebook as well.

Pay it forward! This is where the magic happens.  Gratitude is a form of being grateful for what you can be, do, and have so to amplify these gifts, by paying it forward, is your exchange to the Universe acknowledging all the goodness you’ve called into your life through gratitude. This can include buying the persons meal behind you in the drive thru, bring flowers to a loved one, or volunteer in your community. 

Remember, your thoughts become things, your actions create a reaction, and when you know how to apply the three keys to practicing for gratitude, you really can create your life by design and have more joy, abundance, and prosperity.

Cheers to a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and to living the life you deserve.

Learn more this Thursday — here’s the RSVP link: — where I will be teaching a webinar on Growing Through Gratitude. You will learn how you can break out of ruts, attract more good, and live your best life.