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The Beauty Boost

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Change your lifestyle and find even more happiness in the New Year with this women’s empowerment organization. Click here to read more.

The New Year is a time that many of us take to focus on our health and wellbeing. With so many different fads, trends, diets, and more, it’s hard to find something that suits us. 

Through a community of women, The Beauty Boost is here to help you feel empowered, healthy, and beautiful.

“We empower women through various events and experiences, such as weekend retreat getaways, fitness events, empowerment workshops, socials, and an optional babes club membership,” explains The Beauty Boost Founder Rachel Kerr.

Kerr says she was inspired to launch The Beauty Boost in seeing a need to build a community of women who are like-minded.

“I started the company in 2015 in Columbus when there weren’t as many outlets for women,” she says. “Now we’ve expanded it to 7 markets.”

Kerr’s desire to create a space where women with shared values could come together to motivate and inspire one another to create an overall happier lifestyle now has franchisees in the various markets that are run by city leads.

With the New Year here after a tumultuous start to a new decade, The Beauty Boost wants to help you make an impact on your overall lifestyle.

“It’s not something you check off the list but, rather, it becomes you,” she says. “Our empowerment workshops focus on things like mindset, manifestations, visualization, andmore. We also offer accountability groups and life coaching within the membership.”

At The Beauty Boost, women will have access to weekend retreats, empowerment workshops, fitness classes, socials, and an optional membership.

Kerr says that what makes The Beauty Boost a unique organization is that they’re consistent and there’s nothing else quite like it. “There are fitness organizations,” she says. “There are various events for women here and there. We aim to bring it all together and make it a lifestyle.” 

There are a variety of in-person and virtual events coming up in January to help you get the year started off right:

  • Virtual Manifestations + Movement – January 14
  • Virtual Money Mindset, Baby – January 19
  • In-Person Manifestation + Organization Night – January 28

The Beauty Boost’s in-person and virtual membership is open now until January 15, and can be purchased at To learn more, visit their website and follow along on Instagram