The Benison Events & Coworking

The Benison Events & Coworking

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Learn about a local event center that has a goal to cater to all.

Looking for a place to celebrate, host a charity event, or just looking for a place to collaborate with your coworkers? 

The Benison Events & Coworking, located in a historic building in the heart of Hamilton, wants to help you accomplish your goals, celebrate milestones, and support local. The 1920s building features vaulted ceilings, hand-carved walls, and original walnut doors and wood beams. 

“We have an event center on the main ballroom floor with a 2 million dollar bank vault room, bridal and groom suites with changing rooms and restrooms for both suites, kids zone playroom, balcony, full bar and a duel sided serving buffet, outdoor covered area, DORA, which includes an outdoor bar and green space and much more,” says Director of Events & Coworking Yvonne VanBibber.

The remainder of the floors in the building offer coworking spaces, a full kitchen, a podcast/video room, and office space. 

Although the building housing The Benison has been around for a while, the concept itself arrived on the scene in 2018 when owner Christy Nelson opened its doors. 

They say that what really drew them to the space and inspired them to turn The Benison into what it is today is the details and architecture of the building. That was also when the duo decided they wanted to create a space that would be a blessing to the community, bringing together a space focused on exceptional customer service.

“The word Benison resonated within the vision,” says VanBibber. “We learned that ‘Benison’ is derived from the Latin word benedictio which means to bless. The vision to create a blessing in Hamilton was birthed.” 

“Whatever your reason for gathering at The Benison — a celebration, business function, or charity event we declare a blessing over your event,” she adds. “Rest assured that we will surpass your expectations merging the right space with your dreams.” 

The Benison is an ideal space for connecting and networking or grabbing lunch or drinks at the bar. 

We can accommodate for groups up to 200 for business events or even something as small as a virtual mailbox,” says VonBibber. “At The Benison, our goal is to provide a professional place for connecting, working and taking full advantage of our facility which ranges from a podcast room to exercise classes.” 

And while it seems they’ve got it all covered now, there’s even more on the horizon for The Benison.  

We are creating the Hamilton’s first outdoor Green Space, which will include a life-size, fully interactive Cinderella Ball Carriage,” says VonBibber. “The ribbon cutting for this amazing new feature will be on Earth Day April 22nd.”

They are still hosting events and following COVID guidelines while tailoring to the clients’ needs.  

To learn more and for a full tour visit their website. You can also follow along on Facebook.