The Future You Project

The Future You Project

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Feeling less optimistic lately? Learn about two local friends who created a resource to help you listen to your future self.

Life’s chapters aren’t always easy. There are trials and tribulations, obstacles, days of heartbreak, weeks of happiness, and everything in between. Sometimes, it can feel like the sun will never rise again. Whether the world is being kind or leaving you feeling defeated, there’s always a new day just around the corner. 

To help you realize that this too shall pass, friends Kristy Carruthers and Jennifer Lee Zawadzki are launching The Future You Project with a mission to form a community of women who elevate one another through all stages of life. 

The duo wants to share their stories of hope and transformation, and make them available to women around the world, to support each other, and to send love and encouragement – no matter who they are or how far away they may be from the women they care about. 

The Future You Project wants to be more than just a gift site. “We are a community of women, empowering and encouraging each other,” says Carruthers. 

The gift experience from The Future You Project is unique in that they all come with at least one letter from the recipient’s future self – such as the Brave and Bright Gift Experience, which was created for several of the duo’s own friends, whom they found were struggling with the new reality of the pandemic in various ways.

The gifts can include a single “visit” with a gift and a letter, to gifts and letters that come over the course of five weeks, which is what Kristy gifted Jen originally.

Carruthers says that what sets The Future You Project experience apart from any other gift you can send a friend, is that it encourages a mindset shift. 

“Where flowers or another gift may cheer up the recipient, encourage them, or remind them that someone cares, the Future You gift experiences help the recipient start to see themselves and their future differently,” says Carruthers. “It can create a significant change in their outlook, positivity, and feelings of joy and hope. That’s the goal of each Future You gift experience – to bring lasting positive impact to someone you care about.”

The Future You Project launched a free “Color Your Mindset” adult coloring book download. To download it, all you have to do is visit to sign-up and receive the free download. 

“It’s 11 free pages of positive thoughts and affirmations, designed to help reduce anxiety and bring about more mindfulness,” says Carruthers. 

The main site is in the final stages of completion, but Carruthers says you can visit and sign up to join the online community, and to get all the perks, including first access to the site, and a free Vision Board Kit to download. The Future You Project is also on Facebook and Instagram.