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The Hearty Leaf

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See how a local Cincinnati family has turned their passion for plants into a community full of succulents, workshops and love.

There’s something gratifying about growing a plant. After a little time and love, you see it grow, thrive and maybe even blossom.

That’s the idea behind The Hearty Leaf, a family-operated and community-focused business, founded by Mike and Janet Grueter, hosting private and public succulent workshops, as well as arrangements for gifts, home décor, party favors, and table arrangements. 

“The Hearty Leaf started with a small cactus that was maybe six inches tall. Twenty five years later, and it sits in our house over seven feet tall,” says Janet. “There’s a sense of satisfaction and happiness watching your sweet plant grow and thrive through the years. With the right care and the right love, we know everyone will be able to enjoy a succulent arrangement that makes their life a little sweeter.” 


Today, The Grueter’s house has grown since its humble beginning of a cactus and Jade plant party favor to 160 arrangements and 23 single potted plants. The family’s memories of “Succulent Sundays” with their daughter Olivia and connecting with one another by making living pieces of art are the inspiration behind The Hearty Leaf.

The two options customers have with workshops are public and private. Each month, several public workshops are held all over the Cincinnati area. “We partner with local businesses and venues for public workshops. Our next one will be held on January 12 at the Gorman Heritage Farm. Guests will not only make a fun barnyard succulent, but also receive a tour of the farm,” says Janet. “On January 21, we are continuing our partnership with Branch and Bone and hosting a succulent workshop with a complimentary beer and brewery tour.” 

The Hearty Leaf’s public and private workshops are unique, just like their succulents. The Hearty Leaf also specializes in party favors. “Weddings, showers, birthdays, baptisms, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or a corporate gift, we will make your event unforgettable with succulent favors and table arrangements,” says Janet. 

“People tell us all the time all they do is kill their plants. We hope that providing a workshop or even best care suggestions when they purchase an arrangement that will utilize the provided proper sol and light so when a little leaf falls off, a new baby can propagate from it. Afterall, our tagline is ‘We love succulents, and so will you,’” Janet says.

For more information on The Hearty Leaf or those interested in partnering to host a public succulent workshop, visit their website and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Hattie Martin
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