The Love of a Parent

The Love of a Parent

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    The founder of a powerhouse digital marketing startup has a story you’ll need tissues to read. Read on to hear how this local entrepreneur turned a nightmare into inspiring a dream come true.

    David Brauntz, the founder of Hudson Brauntz, was inspired to launch his business by the loss of his son. Photo: Melanie Pace

    David Brauntz, the founder behind the digital marketing startup Hudson Brauntz, and his wife have traveled some treacherous terrain on their journey. But through it all, they’ve found peace, inspiration, and love in their tragedy.

    David Brauntz, founder of Hudson Brauntz

    Hudson Brauntz, based in Northern Kentucky, works to connect small and mid-sized businesses with customers in order to help propel their business forward.

    “We help clients thrive by delivering high-impact digital marketing solutions,” explains Brauntz. “We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to create digital work that helps them grow and succeed in an increasingly digital world.”

    Brauntz likes to focus on the relationship his business has with its clients. “It drives our decisions, our business model, and our pricing structure,” he says. “We help clients enhance their online presence. At the same time, we are committed to maximizing the return of our clients’ online spend.”

    While Brauntz focuses on bettering the business of his clients, there’s much more to his story and the story that inspired him to take the first step toward his dream.

    Brauntz has more than a decade of experience working in the digital marketing world for a variety of companies. He loved what he was doing but owning his own company was always in the back of his mind.

    However, at the front of his mind, and of his wife’s mind, was starting a family. After years of trying, Brauntz and his wife Rotha were pregnant with twins thanks to fertility treatments. As expectant parents are, they were over the moon. Everything was going just fine, until it wasn’t.

    “On February 20, 2017, while at a meeting, I received a phone call from my wife that would change my life forever,” Brauntz recalls. “At first, all I heard was my wife crying hysterically and then a voice came on informing me she was the nurse from our OBGYN and that I needed to come to pick up my wife immediately and take her to the hospital because they couldn’t find our son’s heartbeat and that he had passed in utero at 32 weeks. However, because we were expecting twins, a boy and girl, we needed to get my wife to the hospital to see how our little girl was doing.”

    The Brauntz twins following their delivery. Photo: Melanie Pace

    Brauntz did what anyone would – he acted without thinking to get to his wife’s side as quickly as he could. “All I knew was that I needed to get my wife to the hospital,” he says.

    Despite being told that there was indeed no longer a heartbeat coming from his son, Brauntz says it was something he needed to see for himself.

    “What used to be my son’s sac was just darkness,” he explains. “My son, my baby boy, my daughter’s twin brother was gone in an instant. I was in shock and numb.”

    While the loss was devastating and beyond anything they could have ever imagined, they found solace in knowing that their little girl was still doing well. However, she was tiny, so the goal was to keep her in the womb for as long as possible in order to give her the best possible chance of survival.

    Brauntz’s wife stayed at the hospital on bedrest for the next two weeks, until doctors decided she would deliver both babies at 34 weeks.

    Brauntz says that March 8, 2017 was both the happiest and saddest day of his life.

    “We said goodbye to our little man and hello to our little girl,” he says. “Born at only 3lbs and 3oz, she was rushed to the NICU where she would spend the next four weeks growing and learning how to eat.”

    Those tragic six weeks made Brauntz rethink everything he thought he knew. To him, time and fear had an entirely new meaning and everything that he had feared before simply didn’t make sense anymore.

    “I had just lived through one of the worst fears a person could face and somehow managed to come out OK on the other side,” he says. “While he was only on this earth for 32 weeks, his impact on my life lives on in everything I do.”

    That tiny little person, who impacted the lives of more than just his parents, also gave Brauntz the courage to do something he’d always dreamed of doing – starting his own company. “So when it came to naming the company, it only made sense to name it after him,” says Brauntz.

    At Hudson Brauntz you’ll find a variety of digital marketing services available from its team of strategists, designers, and social media experts who have decades of experience with small and Fortune 500 companies. These services include:

    • Brand Design & Identity
    • Brand Positioning
    • Local SEO Content Strategy with Blog Writing
    • Website Design, Development & Hosting
    • Ratings & Review
    •  Local SEO Directory Listings Package & Voice Search Readiness

    There are multiple distinctions that make Hudson Brauntz unique, aside from the company itself being a lifelong vision of its founder.

    “For the most part, digital marketing agencies offer similar products and services,” says Brauntz. “However, I’ve learned it’s how you provide the services that makes the difference. We treat our clients like we would treat our friends, which means 100 percent transparency.”

    Brauntz also has experience in a range of industries – from retail to merchant services – and with businesses of all sizes. This experience, he says, has taught him that, above all else, it’s about being honest, respectful, and kind. “This will bring in more success than any pricing model or marketing efforts,” he adds.

    While the first year of Hudson Brauntz was focused on getting up and running, the future of the business is looking to sharing its journey and providing tips along the way.

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