The Spot on West Fifth

The Spot on West Fifth

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A new event and venue space recently opened its doors in the Central Business District. Learn more about how they’re changing the event game with no hidden surprises.

The Spot on West Fifth is a new event space in Cincinnati’s Central Business District.

Eight longtime friends got together and decided they would share their vision and launch an event and venue space. Collectively, they opened The Spot on West Fifth.

“Our space is gallery-like with exposed brick, hardwood floors, natural light, and space, lots of space,” says Co-Owner Christy Johnson.

Johnson says that she lives nearby the building and happened to walk by the space and see that it was for sale.

“We had just moved back in town and were looking for some new opportunities,” she says. “We saw this space and fell in love with it.”

It was at that place, their little spot on West Fifth, that they knew they wanted to create something that people loved to be in at a price that was affordable.

“Our idea was simple, it’s like renting the church basement only it’s way cooler than a church basement,” she says. “We wanted a place that felt good, and offered an easy-going approach where you could get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.”

They didn’t set out to build the Taj Mahal, Johnson says, but rather something that is warm, beautiful, clean, and affordable.

Events at The Spot on West Fifth include corporate events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, and social events. In fact, The Spot on West Fifth recently hosted an off-the-chart private birthday party with Janet Hill Events that featured a celebrity DJ from Los Angeles. She adds that they’ve also been asked about possible being the location for a music video shoot.

“I’m excited about all the possibilities,” adds Johnson.

When you host an event at The Spot on West Fifth, there are multiple benefits that go along with it, but most importantly, it’s your event your way.

“This means yes, you can bring your own alcohol and bring the caterer you want,” says Johnson. “Oh, and no surcharges, no kidding. We don’t take on any additional percentages to vendors’ fees. We’ll have great people to recommend who may even offer you a discount but in the end it’s up to you. So what you see is what you get, no surprises.”

Johnson says that when most people think of a space downtown, the envision a dark, narrow shotgun sort of a spot.

“Not us,” she says. “Honestly, I wish I would have taken a video of people’s reactions as they enter the space. Their eyes sort of open wide and they say oh my god I had no idea how big this is.”

The front of the building is all windows and Johnson says it’s fun being inside and seeing the busy street outside.

The Spot on West Fifth is located downtown in the Central Business District at 337 West Fifth Street between Central and Plum, directly across the street from the Duke Energy Convention Center. That’s right off the Fifth Street Exit and less than two blocks from the Hyatt, Netherland Hilton, and the Millennium hotels, and just 3 blocks from Fountain Square.

Johnson says that although everything is new for The Spot on West Fifth, watch out because they’re on a roll.

To learn more about The Spot on West Fifth, visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.