Think Big, Expect More

Think Big, Expect More

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Could being stuck in today prevent you from dreaming big about tomorrow? Our life coach columnist explains how to get unstuck and expect more.

Are you limiting what you can be, do, or have because you only see what is available? Are you cutting off opportunities and experiences due to being stuck in the same repetitive story? Don’t you want to have MORE in your life?

This is common when you are trying to create your life by design from a place of what you already know. What you have already created in your life is easier to work with then to look out and beyond of what is possible. 

Do you believe in infinite possibilities?

Allow me to motivate you today and learn to think big AND expect more. That is when the magic can happen.

I find that when I talk to myself about the things that I truly desire, envision it in my mind’s eye, create a vision board, I always add — “I want this or something better.”

You see sometimes the cosmic kitchen has something better in store for you that you cannot even imagine what that might look like because you have not experienced it. 

You may say you only want $1,000 and the Universe was ready to give you $5,000. You may think I don’t know how I could even come up with $5,000 and there was an inheritance that you didn’t expect, a bonus at work, or a winning scratch-off in your stocking. Think big and expect more!

There are many ways that you can really strive to create your future by design.  Begin by allowing yourselves to be open for more using the phrase “or something better” during the process to keep from cutting off other possibilities. 

I encourage you today, when you start asking for those things that you desire, add “or something better” or “something more”and expect it. 

Expanding the mind in this manner will also allow you to start thinking what else is possibly. You may discover there is something better or something more that you want to go after and not limit yourself to what you think you want right now. 

Get excited! Think big and expect more is your new mantra. 

Here’s to creating the life you deserve! Melissa