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Tutor Teens

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Learn about a local organization leveraging volunteer tutors to help students stay on track in the new educational environment.

There is a company in the Cincinnati area that wants to provide help to K-12 students with help in the midst of the pandemic we are in. Tutor Teens “are volunteer high school tutors helping to keep greater Cincinnati students K-12 engaged and learning,” says Erin Finn, Tutor Teens Coordinator and Sophomore at The Seven Hills Upper School. Starting late March of 2020, Tutor Teens has 40 tutors, but are expanding all around the Greater Cincinnati area. 

The inspiration behind starting the company was Aidan Finn, Tutor Teens Coordinator and Senior at Saint Xavier High School, and Erin’s cousin asking for help with math. “On top of this, we had also been hearing stories on Facebook about parents who were struggling to teach their kids and work from home during school shutdown,” Erin says. 

The business offers three different services and they are:

▪ Subject Tutoring: “We help students with specific school subjects (think traditional tutoring),” Erin Finn says.
▪ Homework Buddies: “We help the students stay focused on their homework/packet by working alongside them to help motivate,” she says.
▪ Big Sibling: “We keep students engaged (read, play games, etc.) and provide them more social connection,” Erin says. 

Success with Tutor Teens is defined by helping as many families as they can in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is unique because it’s free of charge, virtual and led by students. “We are also local, which helps us better connect with our students and other tutors and allows our tutors to help in their community,” Erin says. 

Tutor Teens is important for the community because it helps students stay on track in school. “We help students stay ahead in their learning and help take some of the work and stress off the parents,” she says. “We also provide a source of connection and community for our teen tutors.”

Aidan and Erin love their jobs. Aidan loves to joke around with the students. “I love making my students laugh at some bad joke, which they think was some masterful wordplay,” he says. “In general, I love making my students smile and helping them learn something new.”

Erin loves connecting with the students. “I love the connections I make with the students I’m tutoring,” she says. “You know you’re doing something right when they are sad to see you go.”

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