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Want to advertise your business through video? Read about how you can get on-site editing and delivery in less than two days!

Les Fultz can never resist a good story. In fact, telling stories is his specialty through his business Valere Studios.

“Valere Studios takes highly branded content and tells the story of a product or service in a series of videos to create advanced, targeted traffic with the aid of social media for businesses of all levels.”

Fultz has a digital marketing background that dates back to 2008, when social media was just getting its start as a promotional option.

“Fast forward to today and video is by far the only thing that can help you stand out in a world consumed by data and content,” he says.

Plus, a background in entrepreneurship helps Fultz to bring certain elements to production that are unlike any others.

“The traditional ways of producing videos are becoming less and less effective,” he says.

That’s why Valere Studios is helping brands, local businesses, and municipalities generate revenue, traffic, and new customers with video advertising.

Valere Studios offers corporate videos as well as mobile broadcasting choices.

“Our corporate video offerings are ideal for service-related companies, product producers or retail shops, and municipalities,” says Fultz. “This is a great option to showcase what makes you unique, share your history, and what’s new.”

All of the videos offered by Valere Studios are formatted. This means that customers don’t have to do anything to make sure videos are suitable for websites and social media, which allows for maximum reach and value.

According to Valere Studios, they also offer the most advanced mobile broadcasting solution on the market.

“Whether you have an in-depth interview, product launch, panel discussion, or on-stage event, Valere Studios provides the ultimate turn-key solution for live editing or broadcasting to your preferred platform,” says Fultz.

The videos can be streamed to social media websites and be embedded on websites.

“Our system provides three cameras operated remotely, and a mobile production switch bringing the power of a major broadcast network directly to you,” adds Fultz.

And to help his business stand out among other video production companies, Fultz offers LIVE video, onsite editing, and delivery in 48 hours or less.

To learn more about Valere Studios, visit here.