Virtual Holistic Breast Health Open House

Virtual Holistic Breast Health Open House

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Read on to learn about an event that wants to educate people on good breast health.

Over the past several months, we’ve all been at home focusing on staying healthy. There’s an upcoming event — the Virtual Holistic Breast Health Open House — that aims to help you focus on your breast health at home as well. 

“Pivoting with the current situation, we decided to create an online experience to teach and empower women to learn all about how they can achieve and maintain breast health,” says Jacky Greonewegen, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Thermography Technician and Owner of Mindful Wellness Medical Thermography. The event runs from September 21-24 with the main event being on September 24 at 7pm. 

The inspiration behind the event was a passion for spreading the awareness of breast health. “As Massage Therapists and Thermography Technicians, we are always looking for ways to educate women on the importance of breast health and care and how there is so much we can all do to nurture our breasts. One day, when doing a web search on Breast Health, all that came up was pages and pages of listings for Breast Cancer Treatment Centers! I was appauled,” Groenewegen says. “I was looking for information for healthy breasts, not cancer centers. Then it hit me, we have to be the ones to provide this service for our community. Game on! We are excited and honored to be the ones to take up this torch.”

Not only is the event going to raise awareness of breast health, the event is raising funds for the locally-based Women’s Health Initiative Foundation. “Their mission is to empower and guide women to the truth about natural options, which prevent, treat and defeat cancer,” she says. “It also provides financial support for New Hope for Cancer, as well as offer a grant program that helps pay for four initiatives not covered by insurance, including thermography screenings amd holistic cancer coaching. We will be running a fundraiser campaign throughout the event.”

From September 21-24, there will be professionals talking about Breast Health. “A few different Holisitic Practitioners that have breast health treatments, education and/or services will be spotlighted each day. They will each have a short video describing what they have to offer with posts and then online conversation with the participants,” Groenewegen says. All this will lead up to a Free Live Event on September 24 at 7pm. “We will highlight each holistic practitioner/vendor and their information, let you ask questions and have fun with each of the vendor and sharing their knowledge about improving your breast health,” she says. Groenewegen hopes that people get “Education and reassurance that our breasts are NOT ticking time bombs just waiting to come down with disease or pathology,” she says.

With the event, she defines success by having a fruitful online environment for people to have fun and gain new information. “Our hope is to create an online educational atmosphere of people having fun and, feeling that they have gained helpful information and how to care for their breasts while feeling comfortable to share this info with other people they care about, all this while having raised funds for a very worthy cause,” Groenewegen says. 

This event is so important for the community because it raises awareness of a topic that doesn’t have much education to offer. “We hear of and personally know of women every year who get breast cancer. The statistics are way too high and we can educate women to be proactive so that they don’t have to be a statistic,” she says.

Here are some statistics to think about:

• “One out of eight women have breast cancer.” (ACS)
• “26 percent of breast cancer cases occur before age 50,” Groenewegen says.
• “Estimated in 2020: 276,480 diagnosed with breast cancer (15 percent of all cancer cases).” (NCI)
• “Estimated in 2020: 41,170 deaths from Breast Cancer (Seven percent of all cancers). (NCI)
• “By 2020, 26.4 million new cases of breast cancer and 17 million deaths.” (W.H.O)

Groenewegen wants to see more women love and care for their breasts. “When women have a loving relationship with their breasts…via self-breast massages with or without nurturing and beneficial essential oils, self-breast checks, diet, the do’s and dont’s of brawear and a relationship of gratitude and connection with our breasts and so much more,” she says. 

To learn more about the Virtual Holistic Breast Health Open House, follow the event on Facebook. You can get free tickets for the event at: