West Haven Candle Company 

West Haven Candle Company 

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This West Chester-based business wants to provide you with warmth and comfort during the wintertime.

West Haven Candle Co. creates hand-poured candles, wax melts, and room and linen sprays.

There is a home-based business located in West Chester that wants to bring comfort to its customers. “West Haven is a home company that creates candles, wax melts, room and linen sprays, and a variety of other products to make your home smell clean and cozy,” says Arrington Morgan, owner of West Haven Candle Company. “I am the sole operator of the business but get assistance from my family when needed.” 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a desire “to create a candle that was clean, ecofriendly, cost-efficient, and still great smelling,” she says. The name of the business came from combining the business’ location and with the idea of comfort. “The ‘West’ in our name comes from the home-based business in West Chester and ‘Haven’ was chosen as a setting for your safe, comfy come space,” Morgan says.  

West Haven Candle Company offers a variety of scents offered. The business has some seasonal scents, as well as ones that West Haven has year-round. “All are available in multiple sizes and styles,” she says.  

Customer satisfaction is how West Haven Candle Company defines its success. “It doesn’t matter how many orders or customers I have, as long as they are happy with their expertise at the end of the day,” Morgan says. “Good reviews make my day and I am always looking to gain returning customers.”  

West Haven Candle Company looks to do that staying committed to its values, which include Service, Quality, Sustainability, Growth, and Equality. 

“Our vision is to continue to grow and serve the Cincinnati community,” Morgan says. “Bringing light, warmth and joy to each personal haven.” 

While there are multiple places from which you can purchase candles, Morgan says that there are multiple items that set West Haven apart. “Some unique aspects of our products are the high-quality crackling wood wicks that we use and the coconut-soy wax blend,” she says. “ Our materials are all clean-burning, free of any additives and safe for everyone.”  

Her favorite candle is I Banana Bread. “It is the perfect kitchen scent!” she says. 

All candles are created in Morgan’s kitchen or garage. “We use a large wax melter to get the waxes to the correct temperature before mixing in any fragrance oils and pouring them into their wicked containers,” she says. “Once the curing process is complete and they are set, I trim the wicks and label them to prepare for packaging.” 

In addition to creating high-quality candles and connecting with customers, Morgan loves running her own business. “Aside from the relationships I’ve made along the way, I’ve really enjoyed learning about the marketing aspect,” she says. “I like the product photography and social media side of things, when I get to see my products come together.”  

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