Winter Activities

Winter Activities

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Our life coach shares how you can get active physically and mentally.

Winter brings less activity and more hibernation. This time of year is when you are between seasons both on the calendar and with your physical activity. You see winter is full-on and yet spring is right around the corner. With the days getting longer you feel the urge to be more active and your thoughts are lifting with all the extra sunshine.

When you think about being active, keep in mind it is about finding what works for you, so you can be better at keeping up with the activity. 

Working from home has been challenging and yet you are finding a routine that has balance. Some ways to be more active include finding ways to sit less and take more breaks. Going on walks is great for getting you out and about. While at home, consider dancing in the kitchen while cooking dinner or crank up the music when cleaning- be sure to sing along. Health gurus are even claiming that a 10-minute burst of energy several times per day is just as effective as a long workout. 

Now let’s talk about your mental activity.

For mental activity there are some great apps you can download on your phone to work with your memory and thoughts. Other mental activities include reading, increasing your levels of vitamin D from the sun, or challenging yourself with a memory game.

Engage in stimulating conversations or take up a new hobby, and be sure to include taking time to relax your mind when it is overworked. Using guided meditation, listening to nature sounds, or journaling to help off set all that you have going on in your mind, supports mental health. 

The goal is to actively find ways to manage your over all health. Making time for you and getting active in some form or another will make all the difference in your overall wellness.

Here’s to you getting active,