You Are Enough

You Are Enough

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Our life coach columnist explains what you need to do each morning to start feeling like the best version of yourself.

Why is it so much easier to focus on the negative then it is on the positive? Like being asked is the glass half full or half empty? Why can’t it just be a glass with liquid inside and that’s enough. Does it really matter?

Labeling things as full or empty (good and bad) will often lead you to feeling like you are less than or not enough. When all along you are more than enough –you may have just stopped believing in yourself. 

Let’s shift that belief now.

The easiest way I find to shift my energy from a low vibrational level (not feeling enough) to a higher one, is to stop and be in gratitude for the things I have.  

The act of just saying the two words “thank you” has an energetic exchange in being a good feeling (higher vibration) and will change the way you feel.

Being thankful can cover a large span of things including those out of the blue opportunities, relationships, your body and mind, your home, your family and much more. When you can express gratitude for really anything in your life that brings you joy and happiness you will raise your vibration (I am enough energy) and be open to receive more.  

Here’s my daily practice to stay in the feeling that I am enough:

Do this before your feet hit the floor in the morning and again when you go to bed at night. Speak the words “thank you”. Then identify three things that you are thankful for.  

Be sure to change it up — don’t use the same thing that you were thankful for that morning or the day before, find something more. Challenge yourself to look for those things you take for granted. Oh, and always be specific!

For example: “I am thankful for running water that provides me with indoor plumbing!” or “I am thankful for waking up this morning”. And it can be as simple as “I am thankful for those green lights and front row parking spots”. 

This daily practice will start providing you with the evidence to see how “full and good” you really are. Anytime you feel like you are not enough pause and say, “thank you” and allow the reset to follow and no longer wonder if you are enough.