You Get What You Focus On

You Get What You Focus On

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We’ve all heard “ask and you shall receive.” Our life coach columnist shares how to keep asking - and stop doubting - for what you want so it can become a reality. 

Have you ever heard the statement “you have not because you ask not”? Or “ask and you shall receive”? Do you believe this to be true? What if we really do create the things we desire?

How many times have you found yourself focusing on the things that you desire but quickly find your thoughts move into self-defeating and not allowing you to believe it’s possible?

To shift the negative focus on what you want requires taking inspired action to get your foot off the brake and to accelerate and move forward, trusting in divine timing.

When you’re able to focus on the things that you want without resistance, believing them to already be true, you set the intention with the cosmic kitchen to allow what you desire to come into your reality.

But when you start going down the rabbit hole and focusing on the lack, why it won’t work, or who do I think I am, it begins aligning negative energy that does not allow you to fully step into what it is that you truly want.

This is where the focus is key!

Maybe you want a new car, a home, a vacation, a better job, deeper relationships, or just seeking pure happiness.

If it’s difficult to focus on what that might look like once you’ve arrived at having what you desire, then imagine it in a general context knowing everything always works out for me.

So the focus doesn’t go on what you know to be true, because you’ve already manifested this in your current reality, you have to drop all of the stories from the past and began creating the focus forward knowing that your thoughts become things.

So begin here:

• What do you want to focus on?
• Have you asked for what it is that you desire?
• Are you able to see clearly what you desire in your mind’s eye as if it already is?
• Have you taken time to have the conversation with your higher self to ignite the possibilities for it to become your reality?

Get your foot off the brake and take this inspired action to accelerate and move forward. Do the journaling, meditation, and speaking as if using the above prompts. Find an accountability partner and trust in divine timing. Everything that you truly desire is on the other side of your fear and doubt.

And remember that when your desires outweigh the excuses you can create the most amazing opportunities, experiences, and all the things that you truly desire.

You deserve to live your best life,