Your Future Will Always be Bright

Your Future Will Always be Bright

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It’s natural to fear the unknown. But our life coach columnist shares how to turn fears into confidence, to start seeing a bright future ahead.

As you age you may recognize you are not as flexible, fit, or even look as you once did. When it comes to the quality of your life, although different, you can choose to see it moving in a positive direction and believe your future will always be bright.

Moving in a positive direction as you age is allowing yourself to take all those fears and shift them into confidence. Many of your fears are unnecessary, and oftentimes you may find you go to a fear state of mind because you are not able to process a better understanding. These patterns of negative thinking oftentimes result in the feeling of being discontent with your life and not seeing a bright future.

Here’s how you can make it happen. 

Go inward and think about those times you were a winner, or the times that you did something that you were really proud of, or even little things, those feelings are what brings you closer to joy and confidence.

You’ve heard people ask what’s your five-year plan? The question at first can seem a bit fearful, and yet if you are doing things now that fulfill you, creating that future of making your life better and being able to see it bright will come with ease and flow.

It’s never too late my friend, you can always dream and set those big goals. It is those dreams and goals that really keep you young at heart and interested in your life. 

So instead of getting old and giving up, use the wisdom that you have at this point in your life, so that you can start creating a future based on your confidence and not your fear. 

For more motivation, Google search those individuals whose lives didn’t even start until the second half of life (over 50+), you might be surprised and inspired.

Start now. Stop talking about what didn’t work out, or how you’re unhealthy, or you could have done things differently, and start making contributions into what you see that can improve your current situation and allow you to move confidently into the next season of your bright future. 

And as always, the most positive changes can begin with simple affirmations. Create those positive statements that consciously reprogram your mind so that you can accept this new belief. 

Allow me to start by offering you this affirmation: “I have my whole life ahead of me! I am young and beautiful…at every age. I greet each new day with energy and joy. I live every day to the fullest. All is well.”

Use the affirmations first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed.  Begin and end each day on a positive noteand your future will always be bright.