Monthly Makeover Mania: Veronica Heckel

Monthly Makeover Mania: Veronica Heckel

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Veronica Heckel, a 16-year-old native of Hamilton, Ohio, stumbled across this makeover by chance — literally. Her mother won the makeover in the raffle at the Cincy Chic Red Pink and Blue charity fashion show. After having the luck of the draw, Heckel’s mom decided to pass the luck (and the pampering) on to her daughter, and Heckel gladly accepted.

Upon entering Tuscany Spa-Salon for her makeover, Heckel faced a service she had never faced before — eyebrow waxing. Heckel met with esthetician Tamara Saling for a
081709MAKEOVER.jpgshort consultation, and the two decided to keep Heckel’s look natural.

“Veronica has beautiful, full brows," Saling says. "To open her eye area, I simply did a little shaping and added a small arch to give her a natural and classic look."

Next, Heckel met with stylist Brittany Borchard to determine what cut and color combo would work best with Heckel’s hair and face shape. Heckel’s previous hair color had grown out a bit, leaving her with dark roots. 

To freshen up her look, Heckel and Borchard collectively decided to add blonde highlights, and low lights with a touch
of red to add dimension.

For Heckel’s new cut, Borchard added a few face-framing layers to add youthful movement to the hair but only trimmed off about an inch from the bottom, Borchard says. "I can’t live without my long hair!" Heckel says.

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics made for the finishing touches as Borchard applied Heckel’s makeup. Borchard went for a light and
081709MAKEOVER3.jpgnatural look that was flirty but age appropriate. After applying a light foundation and a little blush, Borchard used earth tones on Heckel’s eyes and a pale lip gloss as the icing on the cake. 

After her transformation was complete, Heckel walked out of Tuscany looking like a different person and loving her new look, she says. "I felt really pretty afterward," she says. "My favorite part is probably my hair. If I could get my hair done every day I’d be perfectly happy!"

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Photographer: SB1 Photo

Salon/Spa services courtesy of: Tuscany Spa-Salon