Vote for Your Favorite SATC Star!

Vote for Your Favorite SATC Star!

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These participants attended a Cincy Chic ladies night last week where they were asked which Sex and the City star they were most like. Read their responses below and vote on your favorite for each star. The winners for each character will get four free screening passes to tonight’s "Sex and the City 2" movie screening!

 Shelly Bloom
Most like Charlotte because, “One man is better than the next!”
 Carly Schweet
Most like Charlotte because, “I have dimples and class like her!”
 Natalie Lindquist
Most like Charlotte because, “She’s compassionate!”


 Susan Long
Most like Samantha because, “I love the way she dresses!”
 Vickie Magliano
Most like Samantha because, “I have personality, I am wild and sexy!”
 Tawnia Duermit:
Most like Samantha because, "I love younger men!"
 Tara Bedele:
Most like Samantha because, "I’m a cougar!"
 Amanda Bentley:
Amanda is most like Samantha "for all the obvious reasons!"

 Rachel Murphy:
Most like Carrie because, “She turned me onto my favorite drink. The Cosmo!”
 Asheley Wessling
Most like Carrie because, “I work for a lifestyle publication and I can run in heels!”
 Danielle Delaine
Most like Carrie because, "I’m looking for my Mr. Big!"
 Tia Kuchik
Most like Carrie because, "She’s whimsical and I love her adventurous style!"
 Hannah Cunningham
Most like Carrie because, "Of her love for fashion!"
 Kelly Knafel
Most like Carrie because, "I live a fast paced life just like her!"
 Kelly Niemeyer
Kelly is most like Carrie "for all the obvious reasons!"

 Mr. Big/Miranda (only one entry was submitted for each character, so the favorite between the two in this category will win)
 Mr. Big
Tom Cunningham
Most like Mr. Big because, "I’m big!"
Charlsetta Smith
Most like Miranda because, "I’m a workaholic!"