Just Try It: Go Green, Save Green

Just Try It: Go Green, Save Green

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Because global warming is one of the biggest issues facing our world today, finding ways to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions is in vogue. No matter which side of the debate you're on, none of us can argue with saving money. Here are some tips to help save the environment and your money.

Paper or plastic? Neither! The next time you go to the grocery story to pick up just a few things, take a tote bag with you. Since you can get them in just about any style, color or print, totes make a chic addition to an ordinary errand. Envirosax, which can be found downtown at Park+Vine, have some really cute reusable grocery totes.

Support your local farmer. Buying your produce fresh from a local farmer’s market cuts down on transport costs and helps sustain our local economy. Eatwellguide.org offers a search engine that shows local farmers, restaurants and stores and markets up to 200 miles from your zip code.

Avoid drive-thrus. Not only is that happy meal poison to your body, but it’s also poison to the atmosphere. Instead of waiting through the line in your gas-guzzler, try something "fresh." Located at 36 East Fourth Street, Fresh is a fast food restaurant with an alternative menu. Instead of offering processed beef and french fries, they use all natural meat and organic ingredients. They serve breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Eat your veggies. Producing those nice, juicy steaks does a lot of damage to the atmosphere. So instead of eating meat with every meal, try an all-veggie meal once a week. Not only will you be helping to cut down on meat production, but you’ll also be eating a little healthier.

Bundle up.
It eventually happens to all of us. We get our energy bill and cringe, especially now that winter has hit us head-on. But, if you're willing to grab an extra blanket, you can lower your thermostat by just a few degrees.

Save some for the whales.
Water conserving showerheads not only save water, but save you money as well. You can test your shower by finding out how long it takes to fill up a one-gallon bucket. If it takes less than 20 seconds, your showerhead distributes too much water. Optimally, it should spray a gallon and a half per minute.

Keep it cool. Your refrigerator is a major energy consumer in the kitchen. Not to worry, there are several things you can do to make sure it's not a strain on your budget or the environment.

  1. First, check the temperature. Your fridge should be between 37 and 40 degrees, anything over that and bacteria may become a problem. Your freezer should be between zero and five degrees.
  2. You can also check the seal on the doors by closing a dollar bill in them and pulling the bill out. If there's no resistance, the doors are leaking cold air and the refrigerator is working harder to stay cool. Thisoldhouse.com suggests calling the manufacturer's service department to find out how to replace the gasket around the door.
  3. Let there be light! Compact fluorescent light, that is. Try swapping out your regular incandescent lights for these more energy efficient lights. They promise to last longer and save you money on your energy bill.
  4. Go eco-chic. Try to make your wardrobe more eco-friendly by investing in organic clothing. I'm not telling you to throw out your wardrobe and start from scratch, as fun as that may be. But new lines of organic clothing are worth a look. Even Wal-mart is jumping on the eco-bandwagon with an organic line of their own.

Damage done to the atmosphere can't be undone in a day, but these small practical steps we can at least slow the process, and keep a little more green in our wallets!

Photo: envirosax.com