Free Virtual Personal Trainer with Membership

Free Virtual Personal Trainer with Membership

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One of the most difficult obstacles standing between you and your keeping your New Year’s resolution to stay fit and focused is intimidation. When you walk into a gym filled with machines you don’t know how to use, you can feel out of place and even unsafe.


But nine local YMCA locations launched a new program Dec. 27 to help calm your fears and empower you with education to keep you safe as you work your way to a toned body. Available as part of the regular membership to YMCA, ActivTrax serves as a virtual personal trainer geared toward your individual fitness wants and needs.


To get started, you go through a five-step strength evaluation that targets the body’s major muscle groups. "We take that information along with their personal goals, their time limits, any restrictions — and the restrictions can be personal restrictions like ‘I never want to pick up a dumbbell,’ or physical, ‘I can’t do over-the-head shoulder lifts. I have a bad rotator cuff,’ " Campbell County YMCA Executive Director Dana Ensley says. "All that goes into the computer, and so then it spits out the workout that is very specific to that person."



Each workout can be accessed at home or via a kiosk at the participating YMCA locations, and it comes with the option to see a description or view a video of the exercise. So when you head into the gym, you know exactly what you’re doing before you have a chance to be intimidated. (But the YMCA staff is still there to help you with any clarifications you need.)


"Each time you enter in your results from your workout, then it progresses you to the next step. It changes your workout, so you don’t always do the same exercises. There’s the same machines, so it keeps you from getting bored and then you don’t have to think, ‘How am I going to change my workout today?’ because it does it for you," Ensley says.


ActivTrax kiosks are now available at the Blue Ash; Clippard Family; Central Parkway; Clermont Family; Powel Crosley, Jr.; Gamble Nippert; M.E. Lyons; Campbell County; and R.C. Durr YMCA locations. For more information about the YMCA and ActivTrax, visit




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Dana Ensley

Location: BOOST…for meeting’s sake