How to Stay Healthy on a Shoestring Budget

How to Stay Healthy on a Shoestring Budget

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1. Buy a jump rope. They're inexpensive and it’s super good for you.

2. Stop buying fatty foods, such as chips, cookies and soda at the market. This will save you money. And if they aren't around, you cant eat them, which saves you calories, too.

3. Do the "half diet.” This is when you go out to dinner, go ahead and order whatever you'd like, eat half of it and take the rest home. American portions are huge anyway; this cuts the calories in half for the meal, and offers you a gourmet lunch for the next day!

4. Don't be afraid to ask for a lunch portion at your favorite dinner restaurant. Most establishments will do this for you, even if their lunch hours are technically over. This meal will mean fewer calories and fewer dollars you have to shell out at the register.

5. Drink more water. It saves tons of cash and it's so much better for you than a carbonated or sugary beverage.

6. If you’re not in the mood for water, or you need something with a little taste, try the Crystal Light "On the Go" drink mix packets. Just add them to your water bottle and you have a tasteful drink without having to reach for that soda.

7. Check our your local parks. Some are either free or just a few dollars for a year's pass and you get numerous paths and beautiful scenery to walk along, so it doesn't seem like a workout.

8. Get out your old roller blades or bike, grab a friend and go!

9. Plan an hour or so walk with your friends every week to catch up on gossip and spend some time together. You will be surprised how quickly the time goes by!

10. Check out the tennis courts, pool or track of your local school. There are usually open to the public as well, so find a time when the teams aren't practicing and vary up your workout.

11. Find the farmers markets around your area. Their prices are very competitive and their produce is so fresh!

12. If you tend to overeat, try using smaller plates for a while to get your portions back in check.

13. Bring your own tea to the office so you aren't tempted to go out every morning for coffee. Tea is much better for you, and plus, you save so much with each $5 frappulattemochachino you pass up!

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