How to Break out of a Diet Rut

How to Break out of a Diet Rut

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First, I would like to define the word "rut" and "diet" as defined by the Webster Dictionary. A rut is a settled and tedious routine. A diet is the daily intake of food and drink. So if you are in a diet rut, this could lead to deficiency in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The problem with eating the same foods everyday is that our bodies will not get the essential nutrients it needs to provide the energy we need to feel good. You can get out of a diet rut by trying some of the following ideas for breakfast, lunch, midday snack and dinner.

I recommend starting with your breakfast meal and making a list of your favorite choices from starches, such as oatmeal, multi grain Cheerios, whole grain toast, whole grain waffles or whole grain bagels. I recommend higher fiber choices over three grams at least per serving. You should rotate these choices through out the week and select a favorite fruit to go with the starch like one that maybe high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, oranges, grapefruit or blueberries. Then decide on a low fat milk choice such as 1 cup of 1% milk or six ounces of yogurt. These three categories are sure to give you some variety and will change your breakfast, especially if you only have a latte in the morning!

The lunch meal can be just as fun to change up. Try a whole wheat tortilla, stuffed with a lean protein choice like turkey, chicken or tuna fish, and top with spinach leaves, alfalfa sprouts and reduced fat mayonnaise and avocado slices. Add a fresh fruit and have a well balanced meal. This type of meal can save you from the rut of grabbing a fast food meal like a cheeseburger, French fries and a diet coke.

032607HEALTH.JPG Midday, I would suggest a snack like almonds and fresh fruit or string cheese and a whole wheat cracker choice like All Bran crackers, that run high in fiber and fill you up. Also, a yogurt can add calcium, and protein to your afternoon snack. Even chopped raw vegetables, about one cup can fill you up paired with the string cheese, would be a great snack.

The dinner meal can be a challenge for various reasons. We have a tendency to eat the same dinner menu cycle like chili, pasta, chicken, meatloaf and pizza. You need to try something new, by selecting an interesting recipe each week and trying the recipe and rating it according to how much you liked it. This is a way to build your recipe and menu ideas to get out of the rut of eating the same foods you always eat for dinner. A Web site I like to recommend is . This Web site will allow you to look at various ideas and give you a chance to get out of your rut you maybe in for dinner time. There is always fish, and there is always a meat alternative like tofu or veggie crumbles for a chili or pasta dish. Think outside of the box and you will find that variety will become a part of your daily intake, and the diet rut will be over! Spring is here and itÂ’s a great time to have your meal at a local park and go for a walk afterwards to stop your diet rut!