Ask Rocco: The Skinny on Boob Fat

Ask Rocco: The Skinny on Boob Fat

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Q: How do you get rid of boob fat around your armpits?
– Caroline Caruso, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA

A: Boob fat can be rather embarrassing, especially when you're seemingly fit everywhere else. It absolutely sucks when a swimsuit fits great out front but the fat around the boobs hangs on the sides like melted candle wax – not very attractive – and quite uncomfortable to say the least.

Many women believe this calls for drastic measures (lifts, tucks and/or duct tape). Don't worry, save the toolbox for home renovation. There's a very simple solution. More often than not, there's something I call "The Empty Bag Syndrome," where a loss of muscle and or fat has produced an empty bag effect on your skin around your armpits. The loose skin needs to be filled up. Personally and professionally, I'd rather it be filled with muscle.

Your armpits, although under your arms, are actually part of your upper back muscles. Your armpit or "boob" fat is actually the lack of latissimus dorsi (upper back muscle).

An effective way to build up your upper back muscle muscle and create a thinner looking waist is to perform good ol' jumping jacks. I know what you're saying: "Come on Rock, I haven't done them since third grade." And that's actually the problem. If you did them, you probably wouldn't be asking me this question! When done correctly, they give an all around full body workout that brings symmetry back to your body, because the body is working in tandem with itself.

If the gym is more your bag, strength training exercises that I recommend are the lat pull down or a horizontal row. Most fitness professionals can show you how to perform these exercises, or you can go to and receive a free Boot Camp workout.