Ask Rocco: Get a Fabulous Bikini Butt for This Summer

Ask Rocco: Get a Fabulous Bikini Butt for This Summer

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Q: Dear Rocco,
I have a major cellulite ass and I have been walking every morning and doing exercises trying to tone my flabby butt. I want a fabulous bikini butt for this summer! Any suggestions?
– Tone this Tubby Tush, Morgan Township

A: It's incredible to me that you tell me that you are doing exercises to tone your "ass" but forget to tell me what kind. Needless to say, the exercises you're doing are probably not what you should be doing since you're complaining of a problem and asking me for help.

There is one major problem with your exercise program: WALKING. If your goal is to get rid of cellulite, then walking is not what you should be doing. Actually, walking usually makes the problem worse.

When you walk you are not performing a hip movement throughout its full range of movement and therefore will not cause any muscle building in the gluteal region, better known as the "ass." In order to decrease the ugly orange peel look of cellulite, you need to build muscle and round out the backside. The muscle pushes fat and your skin out from the inside and reduces the craters that are formed from the lack of muscle. Here are some exercises to help get a great bikini butt for the summer.

• Mountain climbers
• Lunges
• Stairs
• Fire hydrants

Depending on your fitness level, and the amount of junk in your trunk, you may need to increase or decrease the number of repetitions for each set of exercises you do. If you have no clue to what any of these exercises look like please feel free to log on to and request a free food journal and I'll be happy to send you an exercise card with descriptions of all four exercises. Here's to people complimenting your new "ass-et!"


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