Crave Desserts? Crave Vegan

Crave Desserts? Crave Vegan

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Cakes, cookies, muffins, and bars are all mouth—watering desserts that sound unhealthy and full of calories, but don’t ignore the temptations of these delectable treats at Sweet Peace Bakery as they are all made 100% vegan.


A five—year vegan herself, Mary Beth King, owner of Sweet Peace Bakery has come far in her entrepreneurial journey as she began baking for herself as she realized she could never order a vegan dessert in a restaurant. "One of my favorite things to eat is dessert," King says. Discovering that one batch of cookie dough was more than she could eat alone, she began dispersing these vegan treats amongst her friends. The desserts were a hit, so she had her first go at it by selling her items at a Park + Vine bake sale in the Fall of 2009.


After participating in the Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas bake sales at Park + Vine, they helped her launch her business as they too are a vegan store. The ball started rolling in February of 2010 when she began wholesaling.


King hopes to open a store some day to sell her baked goods, but until then she just makes a tornado with ingredients in her kitchen at home. She’ll bake for private orders as well as doing wholesales in the Cincinnati area. She will make anything at request, even if she’s never had at go at it before. Self—taught, King makes the internet useful by learning from other people’s success. "Sometimes I’ll make things spontaneously if I have a craving," King says.


She doesn’t allow food products that aren’t vegan to enter her home. For King, baking vegan food has more depth than just the health reasons. She believes it will reduce environmental impact by using ingredients that lessen carbon and decrease animal suffering by making desserts that don’t originate from animal products.



Not only is it King’s job to sell her baked goods, but she has a drive to educate people the difference between vegan and non—vegan. She gives people the knowledge of why it’s a healthier choice as well as it being a generous choice for the animals and our environment. "If I want to preserve my health, the land, and the animals, vegan makes sense to me, so selling vegan baked goods also makes sense," King says.


Being a firm believer in the vegan philosophy, she will be participating in a few events hosted by the Cincinnati Zoo in the near future and has already taken part in the Crafty Supermarket in Clifton, Ohio. Not only does King have the events to look forward to, but she will also sell baked goods the second Sunday of each month all summer on Main Street. "If there is an opportunity for me to get out there and sell my bakery items then I will," King says.


Not only does King strive for her own success, but she gives back to the community. She’s on the Habitat for Humanity board and is often giving back to them to support them in what they stand for. She also chips in with Park + Vine on the fundraisers for the Drop Inn Center as well as pitching in at local schools by baking. "I’m big on activism and social change, so if I’m able to and I believe in the cause, then I will participate," King says.


With a successful entrepreneurial endeavor, King currently sells her vegan desserts through Park + Vine and all of the Coffee Emporiums. She recently bought a Volkswagen bus in which she will use to sell her bakery items. Look for her Volkswagen, also known as her mascot, to buy some delicious vegan desserts this year to take a healthier step in life, along with bettering the environment, and saving the animals.