Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Rev Up Your Metabolism!

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Just think about if pigs really could fly. I wonder if their bodies would burn more calories flying or if they ran the race? I know a lot of you have run or walked in a race for a charity event at one time or another, but have you ever wondered if this has increased your metabolism?

The body requires energy, also known as calories, everyday. Our metabolism is the amount of calories our bodies burn daily. Resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body needs for body functions like heart beating, breathing and muscle tone. Each person has a unique metabolism, similar to our fingerprints. Your resting metabolic rate accounts for about 75 percent of the calories we expend daily. There is a way to measure this unique burn by using a handheld medical device called a Medgem. This tool is a breathing test which takes about 5 to 10 minutes and measures the volume of oxygen your body consumes which is how our body converts food into energy by burning oxygen. This test puts a number on our metabolism, which is what many of us claim we do not have.

If you are looking for ways to increase the burn rate of your body, it is important to recognize that eating regularly scheduled meals and snacks will improve the amount your body actually burns. Complex carbohydrates fuel your metabolism. Along with your scheduled meals, it is important to realize that eating calories earlier in the day may also improve your metabolism. This means eat a well balanced breakfast, lunch, snacks and a light dinner. Remember, starving your body is not going to support the bodies basic needs and the body will actually slow down to protect itself. Do not eat less than 1200 calories per day, unless being medically supervised by a physician.

043007HEALTH.jpg A great way to rev up your metabolism is to engage in an aerobic activity like running. This has been shown to improve the rate of calories burned by using up those complex carbohydrates. A regular running routine will actually require a higher intake of calories to support the amount of calories your body will burn. A number of people make the mistake of increasing their running routine and not upping their calorie intake and their metabolism will slow down just like it does when you starve it.

Another way to increase your metabolic burn rate is to build muscle tissue. An increase in lean body mass will improve your bodies’ burn rate at rest. If you want to improve how much your body burns calories at rest, weight training or strength training is a most! Engaging in strength training at least three times a week can improve your natural burn rate, especially for those of us who are beginning to age. As we age our metabolisms naturally slows down, so if you want to eat more you will need to improve that burn rate or weight gain is inevitable.

Have a great time walking or running in any of the many local races this year and don’t forget about weight training to rev-up your metabolic rate. If you’re interested in getting your metabolism analyzed, Personal NEWtrition offers this service at their Western Hills and Blue Ash offices.