Art Therapy with a Trendy New Twist

Art Therapy with a Trendy New Twist

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Local artist Pam Kravetz

Don’t let stress get the best of you (it’s not a good look on anyone). Local artist Pam Kravetz has a solution – creating art – which is lighter on the budget than a spa day, weekend getaway or retail therapy, but it’s just as effective. Yes, even as effective as shoe shopping!


You don’t even have to be a professional artist to take advantage of all the benefits of art, according to Kravetz. Since she picked up a brush in kindergarten, art has been her passion and stress outlet. "I know it is what kept me going to school, kept me sane and gave me a voice," says Kravetz. Since those early days, she has blossomed into a truly passionate artist.


In fact, art isn’t just what Kravetz does, it’s who she is. "Creating is directly connected to my well being," she says, "it feeds my soul, my heart and head." And she says everyone can benefit from these therapeutic qualities of art. It’s not about what you create so much as it is about the way you feel when you are creating it, she says.


Kravetz’s art is almost always personalized, helping her to express herself through her art. "My art is about my life, my experiences and my relationships. I can make a piece of art out of a simple conversation or interaction, so I just have to be in the middle of whatever is happening to get inspiration," she says.


According to Kravetz, you can find inspiration anywhere! It’s all about keeping an open mind. If you feel intimidated about doing some art on your own, or aren’t really sure if it is something that will work for you, come to one of the DIY "grown-up summer camp funness" sessions at The Contemporary Arts Center. It’s called "One Night, One Craft" and it is open to anyone no matter what your skill or expertise level. Kravetz herself will be teaching the one on the evening of Monday, June 6 on Narrative Quilted Pot Holders.


Another fiber workshop that Kravetz will be teaching this summer is at the Cincinnati Weaver’s Guild. "I will be teaching how to make my topsy-turvey doll Domestic Goddess/Garden Goddess that I did on an episode of HGTV’s That’s Clever," she says.


You heard it right, this gal has been on the one and only HGTV, (cue jealous sighs). You can also catch her co-teaching a ceramic workshop with artist Kirk Mayhew at Funke Fired Arts this summer.


"All three workshops and classes are open to any and everyone. No experience is required, just a desire to create, step out of your comfort zone and laugh." Laughing as a requirement? Sign me up, please! Learn more about Pam Kravetz and her art at


Courtesy of Pam Kravetz.