Viva La Mountain Climber!

Viva La Mountain Climber!

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Question: I recently went through a bad break up and lost some weight, I have since put the weight back on but lost 2 inches in my hips. I have gone from a size 3-4 to a 2. How can I regain the inches and gain weight I am tired of shopping in the juniors department. At my age, most clothes are not appropriate in a professional forum.
– Lauren

Answer: OK, maybe I’m crazy. Well, no, we have established that already. Let’s start that all over. Maybe I’m not getting all the information here, but what I am getting is a little confusing. You lost weight because of a bad break up and now you want to gain it back in your hips. I’m sorry but almost every question I get has to do with taking inches off the hips. I’m going out on a limb here so bear with me. Let’s not put inches on your hips, let’s put good solid muscle on your butt and thighs because we want you back on the market looking hot! Trust me; saddlebags (just because everyone has them) are not the new black.

The exercise that I recommend the most is… of course “The Lunge," (25-35 reps on the same leg) but I want you to also find about a six floor stair case and do the stairs two at a time for two sets. Click here to see a video demonstration of Mountain Climbers. Mountain climbers do nothing but build your butt and help flatten your abdominals. So perform at least two sets for 60 seconds and you’ll be out of the juniors department before long sporting the new “bootylicious” you. Now that you’re back on the market, please let us in on some of the cheesy pick up lines guys use on you. It still amazes me…the stupidity some guys call “game." Viva la Mountain Climbers!


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