Cincinnati’s Best Fitness Boutiques

Cincinnati’s Best Fitness Boutiques

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Fitness Fanatic Treenah Kight scours the city for the best places to break a sweat

After waiting in line to check into your gym, you see that the spinning class you rushed to get to is already full and now you have to either fight for machines in a smelly weight room or take the same old boring fitness class. Sound familiar? Your fitness experience should instead be filled with luxury, chic and a positive sensory experience. So if your goal is to up your fitness standards, your gym is about to get a fitness makeover!


While exploring Tri-State gyms for insight into the hottest fitness classes and trends, I discovered the gem of the boutique gym. In these smaller, independently owned gyms the classes and trainers provided acute attention and artistry in their personalized interactions. Each of the classes I discovered were all taking place at welcoming, fun and energizing gyms that where unique in their approach and offering. All of which have an almost artistic attention to detail and personal service making it easy to enjoy your workout start to finish. Are you hungry for more? As your guide I would like to take you on a tour of the Tri-State’s best boutique gyms so you see what they can offer as you search for new, fun and trendy ways to get your fitness fix.


 First, our journey begins in Mason at Keep it Tight Fitness. This perfectly posh gym offers classes and personal training to its members in a motivating "girls only" environment. I was lucky to experience their Zumba class and I have to say the instructor Julie is by far one of the best in the Tri-State. She incorporated maracas (hand weights in disguise) upbeat music, with fun chorography that was easy enough to follow, but fast so you could dance your butt off and keep the heart rate high. The owner Melissa Matson doesn’t stop with just classes and personal training, she also offers nutrition coaching to her members, giving her ladies the perfectly balanced and portioned fuel to power through any workout.


Next, we will venture to Oakley where you can find one of the hottest trends in fitness that is sweeping the nation, TRX classes, at two gyms, but a completely different scene at each.


Revolution Fitness, owned by Marybeth and Eric Knight, offers both men and woman (yes guys there are boutique benefits for you, too) a variety of new and classic fitness classes. From reformer to Kettlebell Conditioning, you are bound to get a good workout in one of their classes. However, if you would rather put in your headphones and do your own thing, they have state of the art strength and cardio equipment for you, too. One of the details I loved was the fresh made smoothies and oatmeal available, for my morning spinners this can come in pretty handy when you empty your tank in class and are rushed to make it to work. Elizabeth-InStory.gif


Down the street, there is a totally different scene taking place at Bella Forza Fitness. If your friends describe you as fun, flirty, girly, but also a fitness fanatic, this will be your second home. Within its bright pink walls Bella Forza, meaning "beautiful strength," gives its guests the chance to sweat it out in Bella Boot Camp, channel their inner burlesque, belly dancer or salsa queen in Zumba. Or if you want to see if you can get the same head turning, jaw-dropping results Terry from Desperate Housewives saw after putting a pole in her basement that is an option, too! For my brides and for those of you who are in desperate need of a girls night, this venue also offers themed parties complete with workouts, prizes and… cocktails!


Tired of rushing from your pilates studio to your spinning class and vice versa? Studio S provides both at the price of one. This precious studio outside of Hyde Park Square offers traditional mat classes, reformer classes and spinning to its members. The energetic colors, convenient location and simple concept gives Cincinnati a no-muss, no-fuss approach to getting in great cardio and a way to find your center and fix your muscles after. I respect this studio for taking on two of the pickiest fitness crowds: spinners and yoga enthusiasts and their classes couldn’t be more packed!


As we cross the Ohio River we will start in Fort Mitchell, KY. Most of the boutique gyms and studios are still somewhat new to the Tri-State; there is one family owned gym that has been offering its members all the benefits of a boutique gym for over 20 years. Better Bodies is also keeping with times giving its members hot and trendy classes like BOSU Cardio. While offering things you wish your gym probably had… like airbrush tanning and spa services! For the mothers who want the perks of a boutique gym, Better Bodies is a great family option giving you three floors so you can run, your husband can hit the weights and your kids can practice their jump shots.


If you can’t find a good yoga or pilates class in Northern Kentucky, there is a small studio tucked away off of Buttermilk Pike offering its members tons of options so they can quiet their mind and ring out their tired muscles. Moksha Studio has a location in Fort Mitchell, ironically next to Dunkin Donuts and one location in Columbia Tusculum in Cincinnati. The real benefit of these studios is not their zen-like bathrooms, plentiful Lululemon retail shop in the entrance but in the amount of time the instructors spend in training. Some of you have probably been to at least one yoga class where the instructor was not green because of their recycling habits but green with inexperience. The instructors with Moksha have to complete three months of training before they can teach their first class, equaling experts who will be the perfect guide until you say Namasté.


We will end our journey in the WieFit Fitness Studio that opened in Fort Thomas on May 4. If you have been hearing a large group of people clapping, hopping and hollering at 9 a.m. in Fort Thomas, you are probably listening to Erin’s step interval class or one of the other high-energy classes now being offered in the Fort Thomas Dance Studio. I was lucky to be at their first class which was the perfect combination of cardio killing, heart pumping intervals and strength training. The energy in the room can only be described as electric! It’s seldom you see a group of 20+ individuals smiling ear to ear while jumping through intervals, squeezing hand weights and squatting until their legs shake.


So what should you keep in mind while trying to find a Boutique Gym or Studio near you? Here are some good things to look for:
● Independently Owned Gym
● Trendy Classes – These will be new to the Nati, but fast growing in larger cities
● Cuteness Factor – This will be hidden in the details, when you see a gym that is corporate you appreciate an owner who stimulates your senses through good lighting, killer music and personalizes the gym to match their vision


If you need more detail about these Boutique Gym my blog takes a deeper dive into my experience touring the Tri-State in search of new fitness trends. Regardless, if you are not satisfied with your current gym or fitness routine I encourage you to explore other options. You will not only benefit from the endorphins released during your workout, but the experience itself.